Coming to church, being greeted, seeing a smiling face, creating new friendships, and spreading love through God. It’s truly amazing and I love being part of it.

Kevin Kuhns

Kevin has been a lifelong member of Zion, and his fondest memory of church activities is canoe trips with the youth group back in the day.

His parents have been, and continue to be, an important part of his faith journey.

They have always been there for me, helping me through the struggles of life. I spent many times at church while my parents went to choir practice, etc. My mom was the youth choir director for years so I was in that through high school.

Kevin sees and feels God at work in the world in everything he does. He enjoys serving and volunteering, and felt called to serve on the Church Council. His hope for Zion’s future is to continue to teach God’s ways.

Kevin has previously served as 3rd Sunday Welcome Crew team leader.

Welcome Crew was designed to be a smiling face when people walked into Church every Sunday.

He works as the Director of Operations at XLDent, and has two children, Jayden 16 and Josie 14.

We love to ski, hit the gym, play racquetball (Jayden and I play tournaments), and spend time at the family cabin in the summer months. While Jayden and I spent time hunting in the fall, Josie loves to go shopping with the gals!

Kevin was elected in December 2020 to serve on Zion’s council from 2021-2023.

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