Caley and Frannie 2006

Friends Become Co-workers

Who would have guessed, when two middle school friends posed together for a photo at Praisefest in 2006, that eight years later they would be working together at Zion and we’d pull that photo out of the archives!

Caley Paripovich and Frannie Pearson are working at Zion this summer as Zion Day Camp assistant directors.

Caley has attended Zion for as long as she can remember, along with her mom, Jenny, and identical twin sister Sam. Her grandparents Terry and Susan Marsh are also active members at Zion.

Frannie started attending Zion in third grade, when her family moved to Buffalo. Her parents are Tom and Karen Pearson, and she has two younger sisters, Emma and Megan.

Caley and Frannie are both entering their junior year, and attend Gustavus Adolphus College and College of Saint Benedict, respectively. Both are education majors, Caley with a Math endorsement, and Frannie with an English minor. Caley hopes to teach elementary school, and Frannie hopes to teach grade 5-12 English.

Caley plays flute in a wind orchestra at Gustavus, as well as performing with the handbell choir at Gustavus. She also likes to play with her younger cousins and spend time with family and friends. She spends a lot of her weekends babysitting. During the school year she works as a campus tour guide at Gustavus, and she has also worked at Ritzy Replay, a consignment store in downtown Buffalo owned by Zion member Beth Solberg.

Frannie enjoys reading:

I will read anything from historical biographies to the Twilight series. The most important thing for me is taking time to read. I also really enjoy spending time with my friends and family. ~ Frannie

Frannie has previously worked at Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, and Team Quest, and says working at camps for people with disabilities taught her a lot about what kind of person she wants to be.At St. Ben’s, Frannie is the president of the DIFFERbilities Club, which allows students opportunities to volunteer with Special Olympics.  She is also involved with Students Today, Leaders Forever (STLF), which takes college students on a cross country service trip led and planned by college students:

I was lucky enough to help plan and lead our trip to Nashville, TN. Since then, myself and three other St. Ben’s / St. John’s students started our own chapter. ~ Frannie

When asked separately about their earliest childhood memories of Zion, they both recalled a certain Christmas Pageant where Frannie played Mary, and Caley and her sister Sam both played cows. Frannie says that pageant was where she met three of her best friends to this day, Sam and Caley, as well as Michael Burgdorf who played Joseph.

Over the years, they have also been part of Sunday school, vacation Bible school as both a participant and a volunteer, confirmation, assorted choirs, handbell groups,  other music ministries, youth group, and attended Bible camp and Senior High mission trips … mostly together. Frannie says Graceland and mission trips were the foundation of her faith and what really rooted her to Zion.

Frannie says music is the way she best connects to her faith:

Myron always encouraged us to use our strengths to serve and worship, and my strength was the ability to lead worship music. I was absolutely blessed by having Jessa Sigurdson and Hanna Svoboda to sing with. Together, we traveled to other churches like Redeemer to enjoy and share music. ~ Frannie

As ZDC assistant directors, their work time is divided between working with the kids, and planning. Caley says it is great experience for when they become teachers.

I love Zion and I love working with the amazing kids and my fellow staff. I’ve loved all of the memories I’ve made in the past here at Zion, and I wanted to make more amazing memories this summer. ~ Caley