Giving to God

Pastor Ted

“Giving to God” is the title of a great book by Mark Allen Powell (Eerdmans Publishing) which talks quite plainly about the connection between our faith, our finances and our spiritual growth. Powell suggests that, giving of our financial resources back to God is both a duty of the Christian life and a delight of the Christian life. I recommend that you read the book. “Giving To God” is also the theme of our 2018 Fall Stewardship Emphasis.

What Is a Fall Stewardship Emphasis?

Each fall we pause in worship to focus our thoughts on the connection between our faith and our finances. We call this our Fall Stewardship Emphasis. The way Jesus talked about money suggests that the connection between our faith and our finances is just as important to our Christian faith as prayer, understanding scripture, and serving others! So, every fall we take about four weeks and narrow our focus to this one aspect of faith. In our Fall Stewardship Emphasis we:

  • Teach what the Bible says about the connection between our faith and our finances
  • Foster our spiritual growth and relationship with God
  • Ask each person to return an Estimate of Giving Card on Sunday, November 18th, to indicate their intention of Giving to God with their finances through Zion in 2019.
  • Faithfully and responsibly plan for our church’s ministries in the coming year

This year’s Giving to God series will include four messages:

  • October 28: Giving to God is worshiping God
  • November 4: Giving to God is expressing faith in God
  • November 11: Giving to God is directing our hearts toward God
  • November 18: Giving to God is our duty and delight

Thank you for your participation in God’s mission through Zion. It is great to have you at Zion! Come and join us for this four week series as we explore the connection between our faith and our finances. This fall, I hope that you will consider the financial role you play in making our congregation more effective at helping people understand that God is a God of love.