I like to sew, and I feel it’s good to give quilts to missions across the country and locally.

Giving Warmth

Doris has been a member of Zion for 82 years, and is a great-granddaughter of founding members Bengt & Karin Persson.

My parents had strong beliefs in God and His promises and always made sure we got to Sunday school.

Doris’ favorite Bible passage is the Psalm of David.

The Lord is my Shepherd …

I love Psalm 23 because it covers so much and is very comforting.

She worked for a dentist, Dr. Kelly, for a few years before she was married to Willard in 1955, and has been a homemaker since that time. She enjoys sewing and has beautiful flower gardens.

Doris has been involved in the Rebecca Circle and other women’s ministries for over 50 years. She recently retired from over 45 years singing with Zion’s choir, and many years of managing Zion’s kitchen and coordinating funeral lunches.

I just love that Zion is my church. I love the staff, its pastors; I like meetings, Bible studies and group activities. I also love to hear the choir now. My church is a very important part of my life. I would be lost without it. All the people of Zion are my inspiration each Sunday.

Willard, passed away a little over a year ago, and she has 3 grown children (Tom and Brenda in Buffalo and Paulette in Montana), five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

They are all very good to me.

Doris continues to be a regular participant in the weekly quilting group which was started by Flora Mohring in the early 1990s. The group met in Flora’s home until space was found at the church after the 2005 addition. Flora passed away in 2008 and the group continues to meet almost every week.

Quilting has been a major involvement. I like to sew, and I feel it’s good to give quilts to missions across the country and locally. I started a tally in 2008 and we have made 1,113 since then.

Many of the quilts are picked up by retired missionary, Roger Ose, and delivered around the world by Lutheran Social Services and other organizations to places like Africa, Russia, and Mexico.

Roger Ose is so appreciative, and says that Zion’s quilts are the best because we use real batting.

Some have been distributed by local ministry partners like Love INC, and some go to foreign college students who are unprepared for Minnesota’s cold climate.

As Pastor Folkerds always said, while checking in on the quilters, “A lot of people are cold out there.”

What she most enjoys about the quilting ministry is just getting together with the other women.

We are happy that we can make a difference in the world by giving warmth to those who need it.

Anyone who likes to sew or tie quilts is welcome to join the quilting group on Monday mornings at 9am in the Wilderness Room (behind the kitchen).