Bill and JT

Good Lutheran Coffee

JT and Bill Sandberg have had a very busy family life, having raised six healthy and busy children.

If you were someone who did not care for a lot of noise and spontaneity you would have had a difficult time of it in our household!

They now have five married children, 11 grandbabies, and their 6th and youngest daughter, Lexi, is a college student at University of Minnesota, Morris.

Now I am faced with the empty nest syndrome. My husband Bill and I look at each other these days and say “Who are you again?” We are definitely going through a period of adjustment.

JT is recently retired from 30 years of working in emergency medical services at Allina Transportation. She now works occasional shifts in home health care as well as with the before and after school care program at St. Francis Xavier School.

I have to say I don’t miss the 911 calls, however upon hearing sirens these days I do say a quick prayer and ask God to take care of our men and women taking these calls and ask our precious Lord to ease the pain and suffering of those people they are attending to.

The Sandberg family got involved with Zion through Jack Carlson, who was a member here at Zion, and was JT’s first ambulance supervisor. They started coming to services at Zion in 1988.

One of the first things they got involved with at Zion was serving coffee on Sunday mornings, finding it to be a good way to get to know people in the congregation. JT especially cherishes having gotten to know Clint & Flora Mohring; Flora later also got JT involved with Harvest of Hands.

I think what surprises me at times about coffee fellowship is how much coffee is consumed. Boy, we Lutherans like our coffee!

Many coffee fellowship regulars look forward to the Sundays when the Sandberg family serves the coffee.

I learned how to make great coffee from the St Paul firemen who partnered with me during my ambulance days. Two things you could count on at the fire barn were good food and lots of it, and a cup of fresh strong coffee. I always add extra coffee grounds to my pots and I always start with cold water.

JT and Bill are also known for their personal service.

We fill individual carafes of coffee and serve table to table for refills. It’s a great way to get to know everyone, and I think it makes people feel special.

If you are not a regular at coffee fellowship after worship services, stop in some Sunday and meet JT and Bill or the other volunteers that are ready to welcome and serve you.