I loved the concept of Harvest of Hands as soon as I heard about it.

Harvest of Hands Coordinator

Joy has been a member of Zion for 27 years. She and Rich were married in 1979, and moved to Buffalo from Wisconsin in 1987 with a young child in tow, and a second on the way.

As a child my father frequently took me fishing in Buffalo, and I have always loved the beautiful city by the lake. When Rich and I moved back to Minnesota, I knew this is where we wanted to raise our children. We knew we wanted a church community that was family oriented, someplace our children could grow up learning about Jesus and God.

Joy attended First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Glencoe as a child, and later moved around the country, always joining local Lutheran churches.

My dad was instrumental in my faith journey as I was going up. My dad is gone now, but he still inspires me to grow in faith and all areas of my life.

Joy and Rich visited several local churches before finding a home within the Zion community.

After attending our first service at Zion, we knew right away we were home. We were immediately welcomed by the congregation and pastors. The people were so great and it seemed like family right away.

Having young children, Joy first found her place at Zion in children’s ministry.

It was a natural step for me to volunteer within the Sunday School office, as a teacher and later as a superintendent.

As her children got older, she began to focus her volunteer time on her own interests and hobbies, such as crafts.

I loved the concept of Harvest of Hands as soon as I heard about it. I started right away with helping make crafts and attending some of the sessions.

Harvest of Hands brings people at Zion and in the community together, and supports hunger, a cause that is becoming more and more important in today’s world.

We want to do everything we can to help rid the world of hunger. It is our Christian duty to help our fellow man.

Joy’s favorite thing about Zion, as well as her favorite thing about Harvest of Hands, is the people. The Harvest of Hands craft groups meet throughout the year on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

We have such a good time when we get together. We have such good friendships. We learn about other people and ourselves as we are making crafts. I like to try new crafts; my favorite is beads.

Daughters Brandi and Samantha are now both married with their own young children, and are also involved with Harvest of Hands.

Most of my time is spent with my family…the loves of my life. My girls and I like to do 5k’s. Timberdash has become a tradition for the past 5 years. We also like to attend craft fairs and wine tastings. The girls help during the year with Harvest of Hands crafts that we make at home. They are always sending new things from Pinterest for the group. They also help setup and have worked the event in past years.

Rich also helps with setup and clean up for the sale, as well as behind the scenes with craft projects.

He preps some of the items that we are going to make in our sessions. For example, he helped with wind chimes by adding the holes, the screw on the top to hang it, and added the rings.

Joy took over the Harvest of Hands event coordinator volunteer position in 2005. Since then she has worked tirelessly for world hunger. Her many jobs include requesting matching funds, organizing many details and writing articles for the bulletin and newsletter. She also frequently suggests ideas for crafts and brings the supplies and last, but not least, she often brings treats for craft groups. She is a talented crafter, making jewelry, ornaments and other items for the sale, and does it all with a true Christian attitude.

This is the busiest time of year for the Harvest of Hands crew. In the early fall it can seem like there will never be enough craft items or volunteers. By the first Saturday in November, everything will be in place.

I am always in awe of all the things that come in … I love just walking around to see all the talent. It amazes me how everything comes together in the end.

Joy does manage to squeeze in a little shopping of her own on the event day.

I like the jewelry area. I also like to bring home some of the baked goods and candy for the family. Now that I have grandkids, I always look for items for them.

Joy has also served on the Nominating Committee, and volunteered with the Lutefisk Supper and Baby Animal Fair. When not with her family, Joy likes to camp, garden, do yard work, cook, bake, do crafts, read, and walk. She works in the Transmission System Operations department for Great River Energy in Elk River.

My title is System Operations Coordinator. I do a little bit of everything from administrative work to managing a website to training to coordinating conferences. The diversity of day to day keeps me on my toes!

New crafters are always welcome to get together and have fun crafting at scheduled Tuesday / Wednesday sessions, to pick up materials to work on at home, or to just bring in items made on their own.




Joy became the coordinator for the Harvest of Hands event about 5 years ago.


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