Honoring Christ’s Message

Vicky was raised in Buffalo, in a family of 8 children.

My mother died when I was 9 years old, leaving behind 5 children, of which I was the oldest girl. My dad re-married and they went on to have 3 more children.

Vicky graduated from Buffalo High School then moved to St. Paul to attend the College of St Catherine. During her sophomore year of college, Vicky’s daughter, Christina, was born. Vicky and Christina lived in Brooklyn Park until about 9 years ago, when Vicky’s father and stepmother retired and were selling the family home. Vicky now lives in the house she grew up in, while Christina, now 31, lives nearby in an apartment.

I am fortunate to have her living nearby so that we can see each other on a regular basis.

Vicky worked for over 25 years in Social Services, spending most of that time working in Child Protection. She has been volunteering at the Buffalo Food Shelf for about two-and-a-half years.

I wanted to be involved in an agency that helps to meet the basic needs of the economically disadvantaged people in our community. At the food shelf, I found a group of faith-filled people striving to meet the needs of our neighbors in a caring and compassionate manner. I am honored to be a part of such an organization.

Vicky meets seniors, disabled adults, and single parents at the Food Shelf, but also many working people who are struggling to make ends meet. All are treated with kindness and dignity by the staff and volunteers at the food shelf while helped with food and other essentials.

I am always humbled to be able to assist the people that come to the food shelf for help, and continually surprised and heartened by the commitment and passion with which the volunteers approach their work. There is such a profound sense of satisfaction in being able to assist those in need that the same volunteers often come week after week. This is truly a wonderful opportunity to help out our neighbors in need and more volunteers are always needed.

Vicky was raised Catholic but after some negative experiences with religion while growing up, she had not been attending any church since returning to Buffalo. When she felt the need to be connected to a faith community, she found that many other Food Shelf volunteers seemed to be from Zion.

I wanted a church home that had a strong outreach to those in need, so I came to see what Zion was all about. I felt warmly welcomed and was impressed with the congregation, the pastors, and the church’s commitment to social ministry. I decided to make Zion my church home.

Vicky feels that partnering with the Buffalo Food Shelf is an important ministry for Zion because it honors Christ’s message to assist the poor, to reach out to those in need, and to love our neighbors. She has also been involved with helping in the distribution of Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets and the distribution of school supplies. She volunteers with Harvest of Hands and enjoys hand painting figurines and other items as well as doing other crafts. She also attends water aerobics with some other women from Zion.