How Can We Help?

Pastor Suzi Orlopp

One phrase I keep hearing (besides “unprecedented time”) is “How can we help?”  One of the most amazing parts about being part of the Zion family is people are always wanting to help.  So I want to break down for you some of the ways we know you can help right now, and thanks to those who are helping in these ways already:

Giving of Time on Sunday Mornings

parking lot attendants
sharing the gift of music
Sunday school set up/clean up

Giving of Time Throughout the Week

newsletter stuffing
confirmation small group leaders
Wednesday work crew fellowship
Blessing Closet sorting

screenshots of giving screens

Another way we help at Zion is by supporting a variety of ministries financially.  Did you know that every quarter your support of missions means ministry at Redeemer in North Minneapolis and at Village of Hope-Zambia receives much needed support?  In the past much of this money was received by people using the designated giving envelopes that come with our offering envelopes.  Many of us have changed our giving patterns, and have shifted to online giving.  We can still offer the support of these amazing ministries by giving to these designated funds online.  Options for online giving, including a variety of options to give designated gifs to missions, global missions and other areas, are available at

The Global Missions Committee thanks everyone for the support of the quarterly commitments made to Redeemer and Village of Hope.  We are happy to report we have been able to fulfill our quarterly commitments through the third quarter this year, however, we need your help to make sure we can fulfill the full year’s commitment.  In addition to your support of the ministry of Zion, please consider continuing your support of our mission partners.