Improving Your Serve

Pastor Suzi Orlopp

I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Henry Drummond

Welcome to the season of Easter. Yes you read that right, Easter is a season, not just one Sunday. Easter Sunday begins the season of Easter we now get to live in for the next few weeks (50 days to be exact). During this season we have a unique opportunity to reflect on the amazing grace that was poured out for us on the cross and be inspired to live according to this gift. This is also the season here at Zion that we intensify our focus on service. Service is always our focus at Zion, but right after Easter this year we have a chance to have it be our primary focus. We will do this a few different ways. One way will be in a sermon series entitled “Improving Your Serve.”

Join us throughout April as we explore how the game of tennis can help us to deepen our understanding of our call to serve God and serve our neighbor. We will think about how we are called to be gift fruit givers of time (just not our money), how God has given us the skills to serve and how we are called to think outside of our comfort zone and serve in a variety of ways.

The last weekend in April will be our annual SERVE Weekend, where we all will have a plethora of chances to serve in a variety of ways. No matter our ages, abilities, or interests, we all can find a way to serve on SERVE Weekend. This year we will be changing our game from a singles match to a game of doubles. The annual event of SERVE Weekend at Zion now involves community partners from a variety of churches, care centers and other service organizations. What a joy that we can come together as the body of Christ and serve our community together. So start thinking and praying about how God is leading you to be part of this amazing, once a year event.

On the first Easter Sunday, God played the ultimate April Fools Day joke on the world. (See what I did there?). The world thought Jesus was dead and that all he had promised was gone. However, in the early morning hours as dawn broke and the light came into the world, God laughed and said, “Behold the living son of God.” It is through this gift of life that we get to show the world what our God is all about. This loving, living God is all about God’s children, the same people whom we are called to serve. We are inspired to live as Christ lived, not a life for ourselves, but for a life centered on giving to others. As we celebrate the season of Easter, and our life in Christ year round, we are called to live in the light of love and service.

Come! live in the light!
Shine with the joy and the love of the Lord!
We are called to be light for the kingdom,
to live in the freedom of the city of God!
We are called to act with justice.
We are called to love tenderly.
We are called to serve one another,
to walk humbly with God.
We are Called ELW hymn 720