In God We Trust

November brings not only a celebration of Thanksgiving to Zion, but also our annual Fall Stewardship Emphasis. Each fall we pause to think about our financial resources and how we will each share them with God’s mission through our congregation. I invite you to intentionally think about your giving over the next few weeks, pray and then complete one of our Estimated of Giving Cards to indicate your intention for 2021.
Here’s our theme and a little bit about each weeks emphasis.

October 25: Hunting for Treasure, Pastor Ted

Matthew 6:24-33

We are all on a treasure hunt like a pirate. Why is money such a powerful force in our lives? How does our use of money affect us? How does my use of money affect me? Our use of money can be a declaration of independence or an act or worship.

Online Worship for October 25

November 1: Winning the Lottery, Pastor Ted

Matthew 24:41-51

We all look to the day we “get rich/win the lottery”. Then we will give to God – lots and lots.  In the meantime, we miss out on the blessing of “doing” today. We put it off until someday and that day may never come.

Online Worship for November 1

November 8: It is About the Heart, Pastor Suzi

Matthew 6:19-21

We often look at God like a “Godfather” and God “pinches” us for money. Financial giving is forced and arm twisting. But for God it really isn’t about the money – it is about our hearts. When our hearts belong to God – giving of our finances to God isn’t an issue. Where our treasure is, that is where our heart ends up.

Online Worship for November 8

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, our whole country, and Zion Lutheran Church. As of this writing, our financial giving is down about 10% from 2019. But Zion’s ministry goes on! Last week we received new members. We have Sunday morning Family Sunday School as well as at home Sunday School. We have our normal number of kids in confirmation, some at home but most of our 7th & 8th graders meeting at church on Wednesday evenings. Our 6th graders meet on one Sunday evening per month. Ministry goes on at Zion!

So first – Thank You – for your ongoing financial support of the mission and ministry at Zion. Second, please take time to think about how you will support Zion in 2021.

Typically we’d have Stewardship packets available for pick-up after worship, but this year we’ll be mailing them to active members. The packet contains:

Electronic Estimate of Giving