In Their Own Words

It’s great to see new faces around Zion and people are making connections, participating in Bible studies and other groups. There’s a good feeling, a positive energy, when people come together and get excited about sharing their faith in God great things can happen. I think that people are starting to see the possibilities.

Diane Paulu

As we embark upon a Vision at Zion, I am excited that we will all be on the same page as to how we are going to carry out our Mission to Share Christ’s word, Strengthen faith and Serve those in need. Of our three initiatives, I am most enthused about Living God’s Call. I feel as we – the whole congregation – grow in our faith and practice the Six Habits For Spiritual Growth (or in other words, as we grow as disciples) that God has amazing things for us to accomplish and experience on His Zion’s To-Do List. I’m encouraged by the passion I can feel from both Pastor Ted and Pastor Luke to help us move toward discipleship. I’m excited that the process is already underway with such things as Alpha and the snazzy Discipleship bulletin board in the Prayer Room Hallway. As we continue growing in our faith journeys, I feel that serving others and giving of ourselves and money will naturally fall into place. I anxiously await to see just how God is going to use us and to witness His many blessings that will result.

Julie Kabe

“I’m happy that we received all the great feedback from a majority of the active members in the Survey and breakout meetings. Everyone is excited about making Zion the best it can be at serving others.”

Scott Morin

Over the last 18 months, as the Zion Vision Task Force has been meeting and gathering input from the membership and staff, I have been encouraged by the feedback that we have received, the re-energized atmosphere at Zion and the new programs which are already emerging.  Many people have contributed constructive and optimistic comments, and an increased level of activity and involvement is evident.  I am excited to think of the growth in Christian faith, service and discipleship which are possible for all who will open their hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit’s leading as Zion moves forward in further developing the three initiatives which have emerged during this process.  The possibilities are endless for new ministries in each of these areas.  I, personally, am eager to engage in new ministry opportunities, get to know more of my Zion family, continue on my faith journey and find new ways to serve God and others at Zion and beyond.

Karen Mattson

As our task force moves towards a presentation to the congregation at the December annual meeting. I am most excited about the following:

  • The task force followed the guidelines given us by the Bridge Builders Report
  • The task force never lost sight of 3 things- that our process always was done to glorify God, we did our homework, and we kept the congregation informed
  • The task force provided the congregation 3 major opportunities to provide input to our committee
  • Zion has started a process for  becoming not just a “membership” congregation, but truly a “discipleship” congregation

This is the most excited I have been in the almost 30 years I have been a member of Zion

Rick Johnson

I’m excited to see how the Spirit grabs hold of people’s hearts as we walk together into our promising tomorrow.

Jill Davis

To me it feels like our time has come to revitalize our congregation. We now are more united and ready to refocus and build on our faith as we remember how God has enriched our lives. It is indeed a feeling that we are truly embarking on a new era for Zion. This does not mean that we have lost our faith, but through looking at our congregation from so many areas we now are aware of our shortcomings as we recognize the needs of people from our local geographical area as well as other parts of the world. Zion will flourish as long as we have long time members and the very new faces in our midst join together to work with our new Pastors Ted and Luke to find a path to truly endorse every aspect of our mission statement. God will lead us!

Idella Ziegler