Connections Continue to Develop

Jason is a life-long resident of Buffalo and member of Zion. He married Ellen (Boyd), also from Buffalo, at Zion 25 years ago. They have three children: Kaitlyn (23), John (22), and Samuel (19) who were all baptized and confirmed at Zion.

Having been part of Zion for 50 of the 150 years, it is hard  to identify a fondest memory as there are many. Certainly our wedding, the children’s baptisms and confirmation are all up there. While definitely not a highlight, my mother Janet’s funeral nearly ten years ago at Zion remains something I remember each time I enter church. The reminder that God is always there from the beginning to the end.

The connections that we all have, and continue to develop, at Zion are the best parts. I have great memories of Sunday school, Christmas and other performances that I participated in, those my children participated in, and now watching the current children. I have been inspired by previous teachers such as Roger Hessedal and Sharon Schmidt because of their years of commitment to the future of Zion.

Jason has been participating in Zion’s Mission Jamaica teams for five years.

It has been a super experience to see how different teams come together for work and spiritual growth.

Jason was elected to Zion’s council in December 2017 and will serve from 2018-2020.

After years of avoiding serving on council, Pastor Ted called and asked if I would consider. It felt like the right time. Certainly, a lot has transpired this year already that, for most, was unexpected. I am looking forward to the excitement of our congregation’s future. There is so much energy and passion for so many different projects and ministries within Zion that we will continue in all we are and all we do to trust, live, and serve.

Jason is a family physician and has worked with Stellis Health since 1997, as well as with the Bounce Back Project. The Bounce Back Project is a collaborative of medical professionals that is working in the Buffalo and Monticello community to help individuals in our community improve their health through happiness.

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