Jesus Said Go

Pastor Suzi

We Said Where? And God Has Paved The Way…

And Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”

Mark 16:15

So we have been commanded and so we go. Notice the command is to proclaim the good news to the whole creation, this means the whole world, here at home and around the world. Here at Zion we have three major mission partners that the Global Missions Committee has worked to cultivate a relationship with, and we have many mission partners locally that the social ministry committee has built valuable relationships with. On Sunday, May 5, we will celebrate our global mission partners, Mission Jamaica and All Kids Can Learn International in Zambia, and while we are excited to celebrate on this one Sunday, these relationships go beyond a Sunday morning worship service. You may have noticed that on the fourth Sunday of each month we lift up one of our mission partners during the prayers of the people. We also travel to both Jamaica and Zambia so we can physically walk alongside our partners. This year an exciting connection between VBS and the Village of Hope in Zambia has been taking shape. Global missions at Zion is not about us giving and our partners taking, it is about walking through life together, regardless of what zip code we call home.

One of our goals for our Global Missions is to form a ministry of accompaniment. This is the model that has been also put forth by the ELCA Global Mission Unit.

“Walking and working together, we seek to accompany our [mission partners]. Accompaniment is defined as walking together in a solidarity that practices interdependence and mutuality. The ELCA lives out accompaniment in relationships with global companions, striving to share God’s love and participate in God’s mission together:


All of us have gifts to support God’s mission. There is no mission to, only mission with and among.


We seek to build relationships across boundaries that exclude and divide.


Just as Jesus became vulnerable to us, we open ourselves to others.


We seek to identify and correct imbalances of power, which may mean recognizing and letting go of our own.


To ensure local ministries last for a long time, we seek to embed mission in ongoing relationships and communities.”


I have been asked many times how is the best way to support the Global Missions partners we accompany. So here are some concrete ways of offering support:

  • Pray… pray for God to continue to work in and among these partnerships, pray for the leaders and missionaries of these partnerships, pray for discernment for Zion to know the best ways to walk with these partners
  • Give…each month, for those who receive offering envelopes, an envelope to give to Global mission is included in your pack of envelopes. This money is used to fulfill the commitments Zion has made to two of our partners (Redeemer Lutheran Church North Minneapolis and AKCLI-Zambia), which is currently $1000/quarter. There are also other ways to directly support to our mission partners. If you are interested in these, contact a Global Mission committee member and/or Pastor Suzi.
  • Go…God may just be calling you to join a travel team going to any of our partners. The next trip to Zambia will be in January 2020 and commitment to this trip is due now. We will go on Mission Jamaica in February 2021. And stay tuned for more details about a possible trip to Redeemer this summer.

Global Missions is just a part of the larger mission we share here at Zion to “share Christ’s word, strengthen faith, and serve those in need.” We rejoice that we are a part of Christ’s church worldwide and we praise God for leading us on his path to partnerships full of joy and life. If you are interested in learning more about how Zion is connected to mission partners please seek out a Global Mission committee member, a Social Ministry committee member or Pastor Suzi.