Jonathan Shun

One of Zion’s newer employees is Jonathan Shun, who has worked as Zion Day Camp Director over the summer and has now joined the Children Youth & Family team.

Jonathan has three primary roles at Zion. 

GIFT Coordinator entails creating and scheduling a rotating five week program focused on bringing families and multi-generations together to discuss topics that are relevant to our congregation with strong Bible guidance and support. Through these discussions we will learn from one another and grow our faith. 

My second role is Confirmation Coordinator. This role will entail aiding and assisting Pastor Suzi more in an administrative role. I will be present for most confirmation classes and events, and will look forward to helping the students find strength and truth in God’s word.

Lastly, I also hold the role of Nursery Coordinator. This role entails scheduling staff, training staff and most fun, building relations with families! 

Jonathan looks forward to building relationships with families at Zion through social events, serving and studying God’s word together. 

I am a very social and outgoing person, so when you see me, please stop and introduce yourselves. I am also very excited to gain church experience in the hopes of one day becoming a lead teaching pastor.

Since beginning this past June as Zion’s ZDC director, I have learned that Zion is filled with a loving congregation and staff that truly knows what it means to serve and support one another. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and supportive to jump in and assist whenever I needed a life line.  

There are many circumstances and situations that have challenged Jonathan’s faith.

It can be me feeling any inadequacy as a husband or father, it can be seeing a child in the hospital fighting for their life, or my niece being diagnosed with cancer as a toddler. It can be attending seminary as an adult and wondering why I chose what feels like the harder path. But, what gives me faith and hope is seeing God bless my life and those around me abundantly. There are times when my soul can feel completely overwhelmed by a scripture, a song lyric, my wife’s touch of the hand, and my boys showing God’s love and grace to others. These are the things that overwhelm my heart as God whispers to my soul that He is good and He is for us.

His favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path.

I have found this scripture to ring true so often in my life, especially when I am of the belief that I am the one in control. 

He lives out his faith by trying to treat others as he would like to be treated.

I try to find the joy in each day, and in each moment. We are on this planet for a speck of time, we should try to rejoice in every moment and try our best to share that joy with others. And through those actions, we will lead others to Christ. 

Jonathan previously worked at Beacon Academy, a charter school located in Crystal, for three years.

I was their behavioral specialist. It was a challenging position, but one I truly enjoyed.

He is married to Stephanie, and has five “wonderfully rambunctious” sons: Avery (16), Keifer (14), Eli (12), Joseph (10), and Calvin (8). Jonathan is also a beekeeper, enjoys hunting and fishing with his sons, and is a seminary student.