Kellie Anderson

Kellie Anderson is a stay at home mom and her husband, Denis, is a field service engineer. They enjoy family time together bike riding, having bonfires, boating, fishing, tubing, going to movies, and they also love to travel.

Their family includes their 8-year-old son, Sam, who will be in the third grade this year in the STEM program at Tatanka Elementary, and their 29-year-old daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Buffalo and is a dog groomer at Man’s Best Friend, “we have a special angel as well, we lost our son David 7-1/2 years ago in a car accident when he was 17.”

Kellie was raised at St Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis, but wanted to find a church closer to their rural Montrose home so that Sam could build church connections with classmates and neighbors.

They were drawn to Zion by the Children’s Ministry programs. They visited several churches in the area, but decided to make Zion their church home because “every time we came to Zion we were impressed with how kid-friendly the church was, and how amazing the staff is with the kids!”

Kellie feels that in a church as large as Zion, getting involved in ministry helps make the church feel smaller, and more of a community you can be a part of. The ministries that Kellie has become part of at Zion include teaching Sunday School, assisting SONshine Choir rehearsals, and serving with Food for Friends.

“I signed up for Food for Friends at a Homecoming Sunday Ministry Fair a few years back. I wasn’t able to attend the first cooking day, but was able to help out from home by pre-cooking hamburger for the group.  It was great to be able to help and be involved even when my schedule didn’t allow me to attend the first cooking session!”

Later, Kellie did make it to cooking sessions. “When we get together and cook, it is a really fun time.  We start the day with a Bible passage and prayer and then just cook and chat!”

The cooking group makes enough food to fill the Food for Friends freezer and end the day with an “amazing” feeling of accomplishment. Participants vary, so it is also “a wonderful way to meet new people at our church.”

Kellie has been surprised how Food for Friends really truly affects people. “It is amazing that a meal that I helped prepare can make a change in someone’s life.”

Last year at Christmas time, Kellie was part of Operation 13:34, a joint project of Food for Friends and Sunday School which was based on the command of Jesus in John 13:34 to love one another. Food for Friends prepared meals, Sunday School classes baked cookies and prepared other treats to go with them, and volunteers delivered the packages into the community as a reminder to the recipients that they are divinely loved. “When the recipients opened their door as I delivered these bags, the look on their faces was so heartwarming to me.  They truly appreciated that someone had thought of them in a time of need.”

Kellie suggests Food for Friends as a great ministry for those who want to meet others at church without a huge time commitment. “Just do it!” she says.

Kellie is also a Cub Scout den leader and volunteers at the Tatanka Elementary school.

Contact Julie Kabe or the church office for more information about getting involved with Food for Friends, or stop by the Food Ministries table at the Ministry Fair on Homecoming Sunday, September 9.