Kelly Hanson

Kelly Hanson is  serving on the council for the years 2012-2014, was vice president of the congregation in 2012, and is president of the congregation for 2013.

Tell a little about your family

I am married to Beth Hanson. We have 4 kids.

Where do you work?

I’m an Attorney in private practice in Buffalo.

How did you come to call Zion your church home?

We started attending, met and talked with other people, and became involved by participating in events.

Why do you serve on the Church Council?

For the simplest reason, I was asked. Being a council member wasn’t an aspiration I’d longed to do but I trusted the person who asked. I believed that the request was genuine and that the person saw a useful talent or trait of value in serving on council. I’m not inclined to jump off cliffs when asked but sometimes saying yes means taking a leap.

What is one thing about serving on the council that has surprised you?

The creativity of the group and the persistence of individuals.