Land Use Task Force

view from Pastor Luke's drone

The mission of the New Land Use Task Force is to determine how to best utilize the for the land Zion purchased in 2016 to fulfill Zion’s Mission Statement.

The task force facilitated a forum in Zion’s Library in February 2017. The meeting was well attended with many good ideas and questions regarding the future of the land.

Ideas which have already been submitted include:

  • Youth recreation center or waterpark
  • Upscale senior living housing similar to Covenant Village in Golden Valley, Silver Lake on Main in Maple Grove, or Presbyterian Homes in Wayzata
  • Synod retreat center
  • Coffee shop
  • Youth campground
  • Community center (in partnership with the City of Buffalo)
  • Multi-use banquet facility with pool and gymnasium facility, and rental rooms
  • Orchards and gardens
  • YMCA (similar to River Valley YMCA and Lutheran Church in Prior lake)
  • Ball fields and playground facilities
  • Agricultural/farmland rental
  • Golf driving range
  • Leave as is for occasional use for Z-fest and overflow events
  • Parking garage to allow for expansion of the existing church office into the parking lot
  • Walking path labyrinth with prayer stations

If you have other ideas please contact one of the committee members and share them.

The next open forum will be held in Zion’s Library on Sunday, May 7, at 11:30am. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Committee members are Harley Pommier (co-chair), Dave Tauscher (co-chair), Andy Burgdorf, Bob Friederichsen, Dean Skallerud, Diane Paulu, Jenny Paripovich, Josie LaFave, Jud Goerss, Len Bengtson, Liv Magandy, Mike Rinderknecht, Nancy Dehmer, Russ Peterson, Steve Peterson, and Sue Foster.

On Sunday, May 22, the congregation voted to purchase an additional 15.15 acres of land adjacent to the south side of our current property line. The entire parcel is 30.3 acres but the Church Council decided it would be best to purchase only one-half of the parcel. It was understood that the other half would be purchased by Andrew and Sherilyn Burgdorf, who own the property on the south side of the new parcel. It was agreed that all of the necessary costs associated with the split of the property would be evenly split between the church and the Burgdorfs.

In order to do this with our Thrivent Financial funding arrangement for the current mortgage, Zion was required to purchase the entire amount and then sell one-half to the Burgdorfs. Closing on the land purchase took place on June 29, 2016.

Sharing is Outreach
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