Making $en$e of Our Money

Pastor Ted

Each fall we pause in worship to focus our thoughts on the connection between our faith and our finances.  We call this our Fall Stewardship Emphasis.  You see, at Zion, we are convinced that managing our financial resources is just as important to our life and growth in faith as prayer, understanding scripture, and serving others! So, every fall we take about four weeks and narrow our focus to this one aspect of faith.  In our Fall Stewardship Emphasis we:

  • Teach what the Bible says about giving and money
  • Foster our spiritual growth and relationship with God
  • Faithfully and responsibly plan for our ministries
  • Respond to what God is calling us to do with our financial resources

Why Have A Fall Stewardship Emphasis?

Did you know that Jesus talked about money more than anything else? More than prayer, more than forgiveness, more than heaven or the Kingdom of God – Jesus talked about money and the role it plays in our lives.  The scriptures are full of teaching about the connection between our faith and our finances.
By focusing our attention on our financial stewardship for these four weeks, we avoid having to talk about money year round.  We ask for everyone who participates at Zion to indicate their intention about financial giving for the coming year – then we plan our budget accordingly. Zion has found that churches that skip this special emphasis need to continually be asking for people to give more all year long just to meet basic costs of doing ministry.  This year our theme will be:

Making $en$e of Our Money

  • October 29: Making $en$e of Giving
  • November 5: Making $en$e of Ownership
  • November 12: Making $en$e of Planning
  • November 19: Making $en$e of Generosity

Come and join us for this four week series as we explore the connection between our faith and our finances.

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