Middle School Role Model

Dawn attended private Christian school from K-12th grade and was confirmed in the Christian Reformed Church. Her father is a life-long member of the Worthington Christian Reformed Church and never misses a Sunday.

He’s the most honest, God-fearing man I know. My parents made a lot of sacrifices for our Christian education and I really appreciate what they did for us as we grew up. My dad continues to be an unparalleled Christian role model for all of his grandchildren.

A favorite Bible verse is Psalm 46:10:

Be still and know that I am God.

It reminds me that no matter how much anxiety I have or how busy life gets, God is in control.

I’ve been surprised numerous times in my life. There have been many times I wondered why my prayers weren’t being answered. But later I came to realize that what I thought I wanted wasn’t good for me after all. God really was answering my prayers but it was hard to see at the time.

Dawn’s first experience with a Lutheran Church was attending Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sacred Heart when she lived there after her marriage to Mike Agre.

Dawn has three children: Deirdra, Nick and Emily. Deirdra is a 2007 graduate of Buffalo High School, a 2012 graduate of the University of Minnesota, and works as a program manager for Meridian Services of Golden Valley. Nick is a 2014 graduate of Buffalo High School and a current student at St. Cloud Community and Technical College. Emily is in 10th grade at Buffalo High School.

Dawn and Mike are both music teachers. Dawn previously taught band and choir at Yellow Medicine East High School in Granite Falls and Cedar Mountain High School in Morgan. She has been at Buffalo Community Middle School for the past 12 years, where she teaches 6th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Boys’ Choir, and 8th Grade Choir along with two extra-curricular choirs: 6th Grade Singers and Guys Group. Mike is a choir director at Roosevelt Middle School in Blaine.

When they moved to Montrose they visited several area churches, and chose to make Zion their home because they liked the music and already knew many people.

Dawn got involved with music ministry right away, beginning with the Senior Choir. She has also played in the wind ensemble and has joined the Joyful Ringers handbell choir.

It’s always fun to play [in the Wind Ensemble] for Lee Kjesbo. I never know for sure what instrument I’m going to be playing until we get to rehearsal. I had never played bells prior to coming to Zion and it’s been a great learning experience as well as a challenge for me.

This past summer, Dawn was approached by Mike Walsh to direct Zion’s Youth Choir.

It wasn’t something I had thought about since my plate is already pretty full. But it’s turned out great and I’m glad I said yes. It’s important to get the kids involved. If kids feel valued in church, they will keep coming. Young people need good role models now more than ever and church is a great place to find them.

Dawn finds it refreshing to lead music in a different setting from her day job.

They choose to come and want to be there! I enjoy their enthusiasm. It’s also interesting to have kids in the group who have only been in band or orchestra and this is their first choir experience.

Other musical interests include helping Mike at the Presbyterian Church, where he is the choir director, and accompanying musicals including Little Shop of Horrors and Springtime for Hitler for Buffalo Community Theater and Phantom of the Opera for BHS. She will be accompanying another BHS musical this spring. She also plays in the Never Made it Big Band for the Staff Showcase at BHS.

Throughout her 12 years in Buffalo, much of her time has been dedicated to her children’s activities at BCMS and BHS, including band, marching band, choir, Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra, FFA, Students Stepping Up, National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, volleyball and softball. Deirdra was also Miss Montrose 2006-2007. She has also delivered Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels was an eye-opening experience and I loved doing it. It was amazing how appreciative the people were when all you did was deliver a small meal for them.

Dawn likes to read and be at home, and she is also employed as a personal care assistant for Meridian Services in Golden Valley, working with disabled adults in four group homes.