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  • There Is a Place for You!

    There Is a Place for You!

    Would You Be Willing to Serve as One of Zion’s Elected Leaders?

    I know COVID-19 has changed almost everything in our daily lives and at church, but Zion will go on. 2021 will come.  Post-COVID mission and ministry will carry on. We will look for leaders who can lead us into the changes and the new normal ahead of our congregation. 

    Every September we convene the Nomination Committee to uncover those people who can lead us into the future. The following reflects a voting philosophy Zion has followed for approximately 8 years, which guides the Nominating Committee’s recruiting process.  

    • Anyone who volunteers to lead will be on the ballot at the annual Congregational Meeting. 
    • The goal is to have one name per position on the ballot, because when capable, willing people volunteer to lead, we see no need to run someone against them and create winners and losers. If someone wants to lead the goal is to allow them to lead. 
    • Sometimes there are more people willing to serve than there are open positions.  In that case, there will then be a run off for those positions. 

    Zion has many capable and willing people who can serve in these positions.  Sometimes the Committee needs to go out and find them. Here is the process we follow:

    • The Nominating Committee convenes in September and each member is encouraged to bring the names of people they think would make good leaders. People outside of the committee can nominate people for leadership as well, by passing names on to the committee. 
    • All of those names are compiled into one long list and a voting process begins to identify those people who will be asked to serve. 
    • Each committee member is asked to vote for seven people in the first round, five in the second round and three in the third round. Those receiving votes are carried forward to the next round. The people who receive the most votes in the third round are those who are asked to serve on the Church Council. They are asked in the order of how many votes they received. 
    • Those people who received any number of votes in any round are then asked to serve in the other capacities that are elected, including the Nominating Committee, Minneapolis Area Synod Voting Members at the Synod Assembly, and the Zion Foundation Trustees. 

    It is a very open and transparent process in which any member of the Congregation can volunteer to serve. If you would like to sit in on the meetings with us, you are welcome. 

    Would you be willing to serve as one of Zion’s elected leaders? There is a place for you!

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