If your committee would like help from the church office promoting a Zion program or event:

This Website

  • Most announcements and articles published in the bulletin or newsletter, or otherwise publicized are also made available on Zion’s website.
  • Plenty of space is available, and sign up forms, photos, documents, links to further resources, etc. can be included.
  • Photos must be at least 523 pixels in width (after cropping) for website use.
  • In most cases, events are promoted in the calendar section of the website.

Social Media

  • Members and attenders are welcome and encouraged to post on Zion’s Facebook page and to use the #ZionBuffalo tag on social media.
  • Ministry leaders can use InFellowship to connect with existing or potential members of their own ministries. This includes contact information, group emails, and attendance records. In the future this site will increasingly be used for members to connect with small groups.
  • Find more about these and other options for connecting online to others at Zion at
  • Contact Angela for help in using Zion’s social media channels to communicate or to learn about the Social Media Team.


The monthly newsletter goes to most member and prospective member households in the mail and/or email format.

  • Members are encouraged to submit ministry stories
  • Monthly newsletter articles can be emailed to Angela
  • Suggested length is 200-500 words for a main article or 50-75 words for a sidebar announcement.
  • All submissions may be edited for clarity or to fit the available space.
  • Photos must be at least 150 dpi for newsletter or other print use.
  • Calendar page is pulled directly from the online calendar and only includes events scheduled through the Facility Manager.
  • Deadlines are listed here. Reminders are sent to ministry leaders approximately two weeks in advance.
  • Newsletter archive and subscription link can be found at

Suggestion: The newsletter emphasizes stories about members over announcements, so consider who you could suggest as the subject of a feature article that would highlight your ministry or event.

Weekly Announcements

The announcement insert in the Sunday bulletin is sent to email subscribers and available at the church on Sundays.

Archived Announcements

  • Subscribe here.
  • Weekly bulletin announcements can be emailed to the office.
  • In an effort to keep the announcements fresh, it is suggested that items not repeat more than two weeks without some updating.
  • Calendar listing is pulled directly from the online calendar and only includes events scheduled through the Facility Manager.
  • Suggested length is a maximum of 50-75 words.
  • Deadline is 10am on Thursdays.
  • All submissions may be edited for clarity and style.

Sunday Special Emphasis

When collections, tickets, fundraisers, sales, information booths etc. are planned for the lobby/narthex, especially on a Sunday, it is important to provide the staff with information in advance. This helps the staff know what is happening on a Sunday so they can help make people aware of it, and helps you avoid conflicts with other groups.

  • Current scheduled highlights
  • Request an emphasis at least 2 weeks in advance of applicable publicity deadlines (newsletter, bulletin).
  • Plan on no more than three consecutive Sundays
  • Staff may ask you to adjust your plans according to ministry priorities (including a goal of no more than 3 separate emphasis on a given Sunday)