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  • Camp Wapo 2021Camp Wapo 2021
    Zion had 54 campers, 1st-12th grade, attend Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp this July. Although church staff couldn’t be onsite for the whole week this year at Wapo, Angela Bengtson and I were excited to go for a day visit. Here’s what our day was like…  We spent the morning at Camp Wapo. For COVID safety, Wapo’s daily chapel service was held outdoors this year, but students were just as enthusiastic about dancing and singing! After chapel, campers split into their cabin ...
  • Renewing Our House Update 06.23
    The Sanctuary is starting to come back together.  We still have the major effort of tiling the altar area but that work will start this week.   The tile installers are wrapping up some of their other jobs and will start tiling the altar area this week.  Preparations for the tiling have been ongoing for the last few days.  Tilers are still very busy, but some of them have committed to working overtime and will be working in the evenings and the ...
  • A Time of OpportunityA Time of Opportunity
    It’s a unique time at Zion. As we celebrate the nearly 12 years of ministry that Pastor Ted has provided, it’s also known that Bristol Reading and I are interims, and both of us are actively interviewing for settled pastoral calls. Zion has openings for a full-time youth director and, eventually, staff for Children, Youth and Family and someone to partner with Laurie in the front office. The Call Committee and the Personnel Committee continue to work to find the ...
  • What Is a MemberWhat Is a Member
    What does it mean to be a member of Zion? Simple question, right? But in fact, the question is very complex. Are there different types of members? What activities help define membership? If I go to church periodically, then I’m a member of Zion, right? All very good questions. The answers may surprise you! The constitution defines four different members: Baptized – whether you’ve been baptized at Zion or baptized at another church before joining Zion. Confirmed – whether you been confirmed as ...
  • Financial Report 2021.06Financial Report 2021.06
    The Finance Committee would like to share the following information about Zion’s financial situation.  Even though the giving to the General Fund in May was down about $4000 from a year ago, the year to date total for 2021 is only down a little over 1%.  Expenses for the General Fund for May were about $52,500 which is about 2/3 of what they were in May of 2020.  For the year to date, expenses are almost $267,000 which is drop ...
  • ChangeChange
    Looking back over the past 15 months it would be fair to say that change has been a constant theme. Whether it has been related to COVID19 related changes or the broader world, change is the reality we live with today. But change can mean many things to many people. Depending on the situation, it can be a time of worry or a time of hope. Having worked in a corporate setting for over 25 years I’ve seen how change ...
  • A Note from Pastor TedA Note from Pastor Ted
    Dear Zion Congregation, “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 It is a great team of people God has brought together here at Zion. The gifts and efforts of everyone together have provided some wonderful ministry opportunities for us over the nearly 12 years I have been here. The great team and wonderful ministry will continue on into the future. While I have enjoyed our ministry together, I am writing to inform you that I ...
  • What’s Different this Summer?What’s Different this Summer?
    What will Marysville Worship be like this Summer? Worship services will be held each Monday in June at 7pm. We’re excited to be back in the historic building and the month of June will give us time to see if worship can continue through July and August. We will keep windows and doors open as much as possible and worshippers are encouraged to keep physical distancing and masking as we have done through the past months. Marysville worship will always include scripture, sermon, ...
  • Change the WorldChange the World
    What can one person do? Can I change the world? We’ve all probably asked that question once or twice in our lives. With roughly seven billion people alive on our planet at any one time, it’s hard to imagine that the actions of one person can make much of a difference. But maybe we set our sights too high.  We’re aware that we are all mortal. The death of a loved one causes sadness and alters the lives of those left ...
  • Call Committee Update 2021.05
    The process for calling a Pastor of Congregational Life for Zion is ramping up once again! The Call Committee is currently finalizing the procedures for interviewing candidates to fill this very important position for our church. We have recently completed the update of our Ministry Site Profile. This profile is a critical first step as it is the way that we present all of the benefits that Zion, and our community, offer to prospective pastors. In the coming weeks we ...

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