Fundraising Guidelines

Many groups have fundraising needs at Zion. The following guidelines are an attempt to help the church have consistent policies for each group so that the congregation is aware and informed about fundraising efforts.

Also, this policy outlines the types of groups, events and opportunities for fundraising. Please note that groups may not fundraise for recreational events that do not have a significant and clear spiritual or service element to them.

  • All groups wishing to fundraise or collect items at Zion must be formal, Zion-sponsored groups. Community groups, school groups, individuals, and groups renting the facility must adhere to the policies stated in the facility rental agreement.
  • Qualifying groups may fundraise for the following functions:
    1. For Zion-sponsored Christian camps, trips, or retreats.
    2. For events which directly and clearly benefit the group in the way in which the group serves its purpose at Zion.

If a group qualifies for fundraising at Zion, it must:

  1. Complete and submit a Special Emphasis Information Form.
  2. Be reviewed and scheduled through the church staff.
  3. Post informational signs at the fundraiser indicating how the funds will be used.
  4. Use a passive approach toward people.
  5. Be responsible for all the Sunday morning coffee fellowship times and duties, if the fundraiser is done in place of Sunday morning coffee fellowship.
  6. Make a reasonable effort to leave the areas used in an orderly condition.
  7. Account for all money raised in accordance withZion’s cash handling policy.