Room Reservation

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. Which calendar should the event should appear on (community groups, private parties, rentals, etc. should choose ‘Community Groups and Rentals’)?
  2. What is the event title (30 characters or less, initial caps)?
  3. What is the Event Type (community groups, private parties, rentals, etc. should choose ‘Community Use and Rentals’)?
  4. Is this event on a single date? (see #10 for multiple dates)
  5. What start and end times should be published
  6. What Contact Name and email or phone number should be published? (We prefer to list this information, but enter as ‘Internal Notes’ if it needs to be confidential … eg. a surprise party). You will only receive an email notification when your event is approved if you enter a valid email address in this field.
  7. Is there a URL for more information or registration?
  8. What is the event description (anything from one sentence to multiple paragraphs explaining the event, which will be displayed online)
  9. What room/s (‘resources’) are preferred (see map)?
  10. Is there is a regular recurrence (eg. every week at the same time) or series of dates? Click the ‘[>]‘ icon (video) or ‘?‘ icon (text) on the webform for help with multiple dates
  11. Is there any additional information which does not need to be published (eg. time needed for setup and/or cleanup, special arrangements)?

First: preview or print the form with instruction notes

Then: fill out the online form

You will be contacted at the phone number or email listed on your form by a staff member if needed (for clarification, payment, conflicts, etc.) and/or receive an email notification when your event is added to the calendar (as long as you provided an email address in the Contact Info field).