Membership Information

Membership  is like changing your mindset from that of a guest to that of a host.

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Membership is not necessary to participate in the life of the congregation, including worship, communion, children’s ministry, and other activities.

However … Membership is what moves many people toward feeling like Zion is their church. 

Becoming a Member of Zion

Most often, individuals become official members of Zion by attending a new member orientation and affirming membership at Zion, after being baptized at another church. A New Member Orientation is held about twice each year, focused on getting to know the staff, and other members. There will also be a brief overview of Lutheran Christian beliefs and practices, the ministries of Zion, and expectations of members.


Sunday, September 26, 11:30 am

New Member Orientation - Fellowship Hall

Angela Bengtson
Fellowship Hall
New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation

Zion's next New Member Orientation will be held after worship on Sunday September 26.

This event is for those who are interesting in becoming members of Zion, and for those who have recently transferred membership from a previous congregation.

The event begins with a lunch and then includes an informal gathering with an introduction to Zion ministries and staff, an opportunity to meet others at Zion, and information from the pastors about what it means to be Lutheran.

  • We will meet indoors, most likely in Fellowship Hall, and sit one household per round table (depending on numbers, and subject to change depending on current recommendations).
  • Lunch will be provided. If you prefer to skip the food or bring your own, you are most welcome to do so (please let us know in the signup comment box).
  • Our nursery may not be open yet, but if you have young children who will be coming with you and need some distraction, we will at minimum provide a space and supervision for them upon request. Sanitized toys and/or activities will be available or you are welcome to bring your own from home.
  • If you are interested in joining Zion but you are not ready to meet with a group indoors, we will provide an online option if requested. Details for that option will be coordinated with participants.
If you have specific concerns, please contact Angela in the church office ( or 763-682-1245 ext. 104) .

Others become members of Zion by:

Individuals do not become members by

  • Marrying a member of the congregation
  • Having a child baptized or confirmed at Zion (although the child will become a member)
  • Worshiping or other participation at Zion

Voting Members

According to Zion’s constitution, voting members are confirmed members who have both communed at Zion and made a financial contribution of record at Zion in the current or preceding calendar year. If you are unsure of your voting member status, please contact Angela in the church office.

Zion’s Bylaws (BL5.01.) describes circumstances where an inactive member may be removed from the church membership rolls.

Membership Updates

Zion maintains a database of members and friends of the congregation. Please let us know if your contact information or family situation changes.