One Thing Each Day

Dorothy has been a lifelong member of Zion, as were her mother Lydia (&Ted) Heins, and grandfather Walter (& Elsa) Berglund. Her great grandmother, Marit, was seven years old when the family came to Buffalo from Sweden, homesteaded about a mile south of the current Zion location, and became founding members of Carlslund Lutheran Church (which later became Zion).

Dorothy has good memories of going to church with her grandma and parents.

I remember going to Easter services in our dresses and hats when I was young.  I remember going to Sunday school and special events at church.  We also went to a lot of church socials around Wright County.

Her parents’ involvement in Zion’s ministry was in important influence in her life.

Their kindness and always helping others. I learned early in life how to help others.  They helped at Zion when I was young.  When friends or even strangers were going through tough times, we were there, bringing food or a helping hand. The love and support of others was strong.

Dorothy was baptized and confirmed at Zion, and married Allen at Zion in 1998. Their son, AJ, was born on October 11, 2005 and passed away three days later.

This was a very difficult time for me. I was really angry at God for my son dying. Someone wise told me it was all right to be mad. But God will never leave you.

Dorothy wished AJ could have spent time with her family.

He would have enjoyed going to church with my parents and the things they could have taught him about sharing and caring for others.

After AJ’s death, Dorothy spent time in Bible classes and talking to Pastor John Folkerds and decided that her way forward was to do one good thing for someone each day.

It really changed my life. I have seen a lot of changes in my life time at Zion.  But one thing we have always helped people in need.  You just have to do one thing a day to help someone smile.  When you help, you meet new friends and give people hope.

So Dorothy started helping at Zion. She made cookies for the children’s camp trips and soldiers’ care packages. She helped with Zion’s gardens and did baking and canning for Harvest of Hands. She greeted and welcomed people to Zion.

Much of Dorothy’s involvement at Zion is through food ministries.

My mother and I helped make pies and peeled potatoes for the Lutefisk Supper. I help make meatballs for the Lutefisk Supper and I make egg rolls for Harvest of Hands with my new friend Chong.

Dorothy also helps in the kitchen for funerals, coffee fellowship, as part of the Sub Sandwich team for Wednesday night suppers, and with programs that deliver meals to those in need.

The special thing about it is seeing the smile on their faces when you walk into their home. You know there is still hope.

Dorothy’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 23.

It shares with us that He will always be with us through the path of life, all the days of our lives. I believe He sends angels to help us through tough times, when we need them the most.  I believe you are on earth till your purpose is fulfilled, God had a purpose for AJ. I will see my son in heaven someday.

Dorothy works in the kitchen and custodial departments for the Buffalo school district. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading scripture, baking and cooking, gardening, and long walks enjoying God’s creation.