I want to help Zion continually grow and reach others, inside the congregation, the community and beyond

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Jeff’s family were members of St. Paul’s Lutheran in Hanover and Life in Christ Lutheran in Albertville, before moving to Buffalo in 1983.

My parents have been a strong part of my Lutheran faith. They taught me at a young age, that being a part of a church, whichever church you choose, is very important in your spiritual growth and well-being and to share your faith with others. When we moved here, my parents visited many of the churches in Buffalo, and found Zion to be the place they found most comfortable.

Pastors Blair and Folkerds were influential leaders when Jeff was young.

They made church service a weekly ritual that helped me realize what type of service I learned best from, and brought the bible to real-life in stories I could relate to.

He also remembers Jud and Lee Ann Goerss serving as Confirmation teachers.

They were very involved with us, shared many experiences with us, and spent time making sure our questions about the church and confirmation were answered. They made confirmation fun and memorable.

Jeff’s biggest inspiration now is his family.

Nicole and I just celebrated our eighth Anniversary in April, we have two daughters, Olivia (14) and Paige (4). They make me want to be a better person, and in turn I want to do what I can to help them learn and understand their faith as Christians. I want to be a positive example for them in every way I am able.

They live on Kensington Way and also have a 6-year-old Red Setter named Jackson. Jeff enjoys spending time with the family, working around the house and yard, hunting, and fishing. He has worked in manufacturing for 22 years.

I am currently working at Greatbatch Medical as a Senior Manager of Production, were we make the outer cases for pacemakers, defibrillators and the batteries and capacitors that go inside the pacemakers and defibrillators, for Greatbatch and other device makers in the Twin Cities.

Jeff is serving his first term on Zion’s Church Council and Memorial Committee. In the many years Jeff has been a member, he has seen Zion grow from a small church in downtown Buffalo, to the current location. He wanted to serve on the church council to learn more about how the church functions.

Zion is a continually growing church with a growing outreach in the local community, and worldwide. I want to better understand how that happens, who’s involved and what drives Zion to keep going. How can I help? What does Zion mean? How did we get here? What does it take to be such a staple in the community?

He wants to be part of the answer to all those questions.

I’m surprised it takes so much to make the church function, daily and weekly, let alone how much it takes just to make a Sunday service run smoothly. There are so many people volunteering their time and talents to every little task. I feel I have a lot to offer Zion. I want to share my knowledge and talents to help Zion continually grow and reach others, inside the congregation, the community and beyond.

What Jeff loves most about Zion is the people.

They have so much to offer, and come from so many different backgrounds. Each person brings something special to Zion, whether it’s a talent, deep knowledge of a subject to share, a drive to help and support, the willingness to share time, or just great stories to listen to. When you talk and visit with them, you realize how important they are to the health of Zion today and the future.

Jeff’s hope for Zion’s future is the continued growth of the congregation, and spreading the word of Christ in Buffalo and beyond. He is interested in the idea of a church-based school

I know when we were looking for a preschool, there are many churches that have them, but not Zion. I know I would not benefit from a Christian school now, but I would like to see Zion move into a position where they would be able to have a school for children to grow in God’s faith, like so many other schools in Buffalo. That would be a great future for Zion.

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