Part of the Family

Bobby was born and raised in Kingston, New York as one of five children, and shares his name with his grandfather, father, and two older brothers.

After high school, he joined the Marines and spent six years traveling around the world in the service. During this time he met Haley Mattson. They were married in Hawaii almost 15 years ago, and moved back to Buffalo, Haley’s hometown, after completing their time in the Marines.

Bobby started working as a Corrections Officer for the Wright County Sheriff’s Office in 2000, and was promoted to Sergeant in 2006. After encouragement from his fatherinlaw, Gary Mattson, who had been a Buffalo firefighter for over 20 years, Robert also joined the Buffalo Fire Department.

Bobby and Haley have 5 children; Miranda (22), Isiah (13), Brooklyn (10), Macy (6), Ty (5); and two grandchildren, Quinten and Adrianna.

His mom always brought him to church when he was younger, and he tried to attend services when he could while serving in the military. When they came back to Buffalo, Robert and Haley looked for a home church for their family.

My wife and I spent time talking about finding a church and we always came back to Zion.  She told me her dad was confirmed and a member at Zion. We slowly started attending services here and there and we decided to become members in 2013.  This is an important part in both our lives and something we wanted for the kids.

Bobby has seen the impact on his entire family from being part of Zion, and the children really like all the people they have met here.

Getting to see people during worship is really nice. Everyone is always nice to us.  I look forward to coming to church and feeling welcome, everyone has made us feel a part of the family here at Zion. 

At dinner we pray together. I looked over one time and saw my 5 year old son Ty praying before dinner without being prompted. Even though I saw him just smiling with his eyes squeezed shut and holding his little hands, I am glad he is learning that this is just part of what we do. 

Every Sunday I hear of something different that happened at church. Isiah tells me of all the things they do at Confirmation. He really likes it and has made a lot of friends through the church. Brooklyn is excited to attend Bible camp this year. She loves horses and this will be great for her. 

Bobby enjoys fishing and hunting and cooking with his smoker. The family was active with Zion’s fishing group last year, and found it to be a fun way to connect with other members and the pastors.

Doing things with the family is always nice. We are always running on the go so when we can stop and just have fun it is always a good time.

Recently, Bobby became part of the newly formed Children and Family Ministry Team, which is a vision/sounding board for the children’s ministries at Zion.  It is a very active team that is instrumental in making decisions regarding the ministry and providing support to the staff in order to create longevity and a healthy ministry.

I am excited to get to know others in the congregation and to plan some fun things for the kids at Zion.