If I were to share one thing with others about Zion, it would be to identify your passion, find where it fits in our community and share it!

Passion For Ministry

Lee Ann is a lifelong member of Zion. Her ancestors had been members since the 1880s, and she was baptized, confirmed, and married at Zion.

My fondest memory is filling a church pew with my family when I was a little girl. One Sunday (in the old Zion) I can remember my dad taking me out of church for “unacceptable behavior.” Even though I was being reprimanded, this memory still leaves a warm feeling in my heart. Zion is my church home through legacy. My faith journey is built on many people here who guided my steps and filled my life with God’s love.

Most of all her grandmother, Clara Fadden.

She buried three out of her six children before she died. One was the result of a drunk driving accident that left six grandchildren orphaned. She and my grandfather raised three out of the six. She was unwavering in her faith and attended church like clockwork. Even though she had trouble adjusting to the move to our present location, she came. She even contributed financially for her grandchildren long after they left home. Church was as much a part of her life as breathing, making her a role model of strength and conviction.

There are many, many ‘sisters of Christ’ who have lifted me up in faith. But I would like to mention two who have left a special imprint on my heart, Joyce Bredemeier and Karleen Anderson. I also have deep respect for the quiet dedication of Doris Henson.

One of her favorite Bible verses is Psalms 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.

This Bible verse and the chorus of the hymn His Eye is on the Sparrow, “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free, for His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me,” provide me with the assurance that God is always present in my life.

What Lee Ann finds special about Zion is the broad age range of attendees.

This mixture brings depth and meaning to my worship and fellowship experiences.

Over the years Lee Ann has been involved in a variety of ministries including VBS, Sunday school, youth ministry, Christmas program, Wednesday suppers, women’s ministry, Bible studies, confirmation, and various committees.

Every path has offered me growth and fellowship with members of my family here. Often, on a Communion Sunday, as I watch the familiar faces come forward, I say a prayer of thanks for faces present and faces past who have had a part in shaping my spiritual being. This recurring experience fires my passion to pass on what I have been given.

In 1976, she was the youngest person ever elected to Zion’s church council. In 2002 she helped Pastor Scott Geister-Jones start the Family Express worship service and served as coordinator after he left.

If I were to share one thing with others about Zion, it would be to identify your passion, find where it fits in our community and share it!

Her own passion is with children’s ministry, both inside and outside of the church walls.

I believe there is no mission more important than the spiritual well-being of our children. I started helping with Sunday school with my mom, who is a wonderful nurturer of children. I love the innocence of children. I believe in Jesus’ response to his disciples that we must change and become like children to enter the kingdom of Heaven. They have much to teach us and we have a responsibility to help them grow in faith and love.

Lee Ann is a teaching artist, and works in residency programs in schools. In 2012, she designed the familiar banners highlighting Zion’s Vision Statement, which hang throughout the building (and on pages 5, 7, and 9).

My goal was to inspire through color and movement. For me, Living God’s Call is waking up each day with a reverence for God, the ultimate artist/creator, thankful for the blessings in my life and with a prayer that he will guide me in my connections with the world around me.

She has been married to Jud for 36 years, and has a daughter, Madeline, who is a student at the University of Minnesota.