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Do you ever see people in church and wonder what their names are? Have you ever heard an announcement regarding a member and wish you could put a face with a name? Are you new to the church and wish you have something to help learn who fellow congregation members are? Well, help is on the way.

Online reservations are underway for the publication of a new church picture directory, and every member and regular attendee is invited to participate. The picture directory is a family album of our faith community.

Lifetouch has been doing church pictorial directories for over 45 years and their product is very professional. Zion has worked with Lifetouch several times and has received a great product.

As in the past, there is no cost to you or the church to have your photograph taken. In fact, for every family photographed, Lifetouch will donate $5 back to Zion. Your family will be able to decide where your five dollars is allocated: Youth Summer Missions, Legacy Campaign or Facility Improvements. Participating families will also receive a free directory and a free 8×10 portrait.

Please consider being a part of this important connection tool and historical document for our church. Electronic images will be ready for immediate viewing.


Take time to consider which of the following photography sessions will work best for your family’s photography appointment (keep in mind vacations, work schedules, child activities, college students schedules, etc.):

  • Photo Session #1: Monday, June 19 through Sunday, June 30.
    • weekday sessions run 2-9pm
    • weekend sessions run 10am-5pm
  • Photo Session #2: Wednesday, July 5 through Wednesday, July 12
    • weekday sessions run 2-9pm
    • weekend sessions run 10am-5pm

Please schedule your appointment as early in the day as possible to allow later time slots for those with late work schedules or school age children. If you plan to have generational portraits taken please schedule your families at consecutive times.

The easiest way to schedule your photography appointment is online from the convenience of your home!

Make Your Photo Appointment

If you prefer to sign up in person, you may do so on Sundays before and after worship in May. You may also call Dawn Bestick or Marcy Markovich in the church office to make your appointment. Please have at least three times available to choose from before you call. Remember to mark your calendar after making your appointment.

Lifetouch suggests that your family consider dark coordinated colors and long sleeves so your faces stand out in your photo. They also suggest that you not wear plaids, checks or busy print fabrics. You may bring props if you would like (musical instruments, family bible, etc.). If you have a photo session scheduled for June please remember to be on time (if you are late, the photographer will move on to the next scheduled appointment and you will have to wait).

Photos will be available immediately after they are taken to decide which one you would like to be included in the church directory. In addition to your free 8×10, additional portraits and greeting cards are available to purchase if you choose. Lifetouch will have your order ready in 14 to 21 days.


The directory will include a page honoring members in the military! Please email your military picture (jpeg format please) to Dawn or Marcy.


Many volunteers will be needed to make this directory a success. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Activity Photographers: take pictures of Zion’s ministries in action for the introductory pages.
  • Photography Sign Up: be available 30 minutes before or after the worship service you attend to help people schedule their photography session.
  • Photography Host: check in families for appointments, put address labels on paperwork (labels provided) and check spelling of names.
  • Proof Readers: check names and spelling when proof book arrives.

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