Planting Seeds

Pastor Luke Schmidt

If there is ever a time to celebrate, I think turning 150 would be it. But how to celebrate properly? We spent the last year looking back and reminiscing about where we’ve been and where we are headed. I hope you’ve had a good time in the process, I know I have. Between concerts and brunches and commissioned musical arrangements, we celebrated in true Lutheran style. But when you turn 150, you tend to be a little wiser and have a little more perspective in life. You realize that a party for your friends is nice, but what about doing something great for others to celebrate?

This year for her 10th birthday, my daughter Kate wanted to go and pack food at Feed My Starving Children. Instead of gifts for her, we packed and paid for enough food for a family in need to eat for a year. It was a neat experience, and in all honesty, it felt great. It felt great as a parent and it felt great as a human, to know that we could share ourselves in that way.

What has come into focus over the past year is a similar opportunity for Zion to do something much the same. We will be launching a mission campaign to do some amazing things in our community and around the world. We, Zion, will be helping to educate teachers in Zambia by building a library, we will be expanding the scope and reach of the Blessing Closet here at home, and we will be helping to launch an after school mentoring and tutoring program just down the road in Montrose. We call it – “Planting Seeds of our Legacy” and it does just that; it takes the 150 years of ministry we have enjoyed and it expands or begins the efforts of ministries worldwide.

You can get involved in many ways.

  • First, you can use your talents in any of these three projects. We are planning to send a group to Zambia sometime in August of this year to help construct the library. You can help build locally as we acquire the materials and use volunteer labor to build additional storage space for the Blessing Closet. You can even put your passion for students to work and volunteer to tutor and mentor students in Montrose as the new program launches.
  • Second, you can step up with your financial gifts. The Church Council, the Global Mission Committee, and the Social Ministry Committee will already be committing gifts to the campaign, and we are planning to reach or exceed our goal of $50,000 to bring all these projects to completion.

This is big. And that’s the point. It’s bigger than us, just like ministry and faith and church and community should be. You’ll have more details in front of you shortly as we launch in mid February. Please start adding this campaign to your prayer life so God can begin to lead you where you can make the biggest impact!

Sharing is Outreach
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