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Karron Denk

Karron Denk was baptized and confirmed at St Paul’s Lutheran church in Blue Earth, MN.

My parents brought me up to believe in the triune God. I’m lucky that I grew up in such a loving family!

Karron feels God’s presence with her every day and everywhere, and says there have been times that He has protected her from accidents and injury.

Her favorite Bible verse is 2 Thessalonians 3:10, which she learned in another language as “No hanna hanna no cowcow.”

If any shall not work, neither shall they eat.

Karron worked for 27 years doing lithotripsy (blasting kidney stones) as a radiologic technologist. Now that she is retired, she likes to dabble in painting and photography.

I like the farmers’ market in town and being able to help local growers. My passion is for horses. My daughter has now taken over the breeding, training, and showing of Half-Arabians and Warmbloods for dressage.

Karron lives with her rescue and service dog, Simon.

He is a 9-pound Maltese. I love all animals. Simon is helping me exercise each day because he loves walks!

Her home congregation was part of the Missouri Synod, and Karron later realized she didn’t believe everything that they taught. After her marriage, she joined a Presbyterian church along with her husband, and when they moved to Buffalo, they made Zion their church home.

Zion is a friendly church. I love the pastors that we have now, Ted and Luke. They really complement each other.

Karron has an interest in teaching Sunday School at Zion, but it hasn’t worked out, first due to her work schedule, and then due to her health.

It is something that I want to get back into. I am knitting for Harvest of Hands and like the crafty things they make. There are so many opportunities at Zion.

Karron has been part of Zion’s Prayer Sister ministry for about four years. Prayer Sisters are secretly partnered with another woman at Zion whom they remember in daily prayer. Most participants also send occasional cards and gifts to their prayer sister, and Karron is enjoying gifts she has received from her Prayer Sister.

I have received two plants from someone who has my name this year. Each week when I water them I say a prayer for her too! What goes around comes around. I love the fact that more people are praying for me. The first year I was not good with cards or gifts. The following years I have tried to get more involved. I love including my present and past “sisters” in my prayers each and every night.

The December tea is a highlight of the Prayer Sister year, when identities are revealed.

It is really special to finally get to meet your Prayer Sister and reveal that it was you that sent her cards, gifts, and prayers. To me, they will always be my prayer sisters. It’s like adding new friends and family.

Karron began a term on Zion’s council in 2016

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