Quarantine in Zambia and MN

boys at the Village of Hope

The Village of Hope, our Global Mission partner in Zambia, Africa, is quarantined because of the coronavirus, just like we are in Minnesota. Their quarantine is similar in some ways and different in other ways to what we experience.

Both in Minnesota and Zambia there is:

  • Sheltering at home
  • Physical distancing
  • Schools are closed
  • Churches are closed
  • Organized sports have been suspended
  • Only essential businesses are open

The Village of Hope in Zambia has a unique set-up which allows differences in their quarantine.

Shelter at Home

At the Village of Hope their sheltering at home includes all of the people, children, and staff who live in the Village.

Physical Distancing

Since all of the people at The Village are sheltered together, they do not have to physically distance fromeach other. They have one huge family to be able to interact normally with. As children and youth, you always have someone to play with or talk to.


The School of Hope is closed as are all schools in Zambia. In the Village, the older kids and high school graduates are helping with teaching time for each other. Term 2 of the school year was supposed to start Monday, but the school will not be opening.


The church at the Village is made up of those who live there. Since they are all quarantined together, church is still a regular weekly service. The music leaders are older children from the Village and the sermon is usually provided by a staff member or young adult attending Bible College.

Organized Sports

The Village children are avid soccer players. There are enough children in the Village to have several teams who can play each other. They have their own soccer field.

Essential Needs

The farm at the Village produces 75 percent of the food needed for its’ residents. Any additional food or supplies that are needed, get delivered to them.

Health Needs

Dr. Chipepo is a doctor who lives at the Village. She takes care of their physical ailments and medications, so they get medical help as needed.
The Village of Hope actively works to improve its’ sustainability. As a result of these efforts, everyday life and relationships remain fairly unchanged during this pandemic.

The one exception to their stability is the absence of Kathleen and Benedict Schwartz (CEO’s of the Village and School of Hope) who live at the Village year round. The staff at The Village are very capable of providing leadership in their absence. Kathleen and Benedict were in Minnesota when the Shelter at Home directive was announced. They fortunately have a very nice home at Kathleen’s mother’s and are enjoying feeling retired. They will be staying until it is safe to go back to Zambia.

The Village and School of Hope are our Global Mission partners and we can support them with our prayers. Please specifically pray for:

  • Strength, wisdom, and patience for the staff who are sheltered in place, and are not really getting any breaks
  • For Zambia, that it is able to control the virus and keep the number of infected persons low, since health care in the country would not be able to handle large numbers of infected people