Reasons to Create a Will


Appoint a Guardian for your Children

Parents know their children best. If you pass away without a Last Will and Testament the state makes the choice of who will care for them. By naming a guardian in your will you know the children will be looked after by someone you trust and love.

Protect your Business

Seventy percent of family businesses do not last past the first generation because of lack of estate planning. By making a Last Will and Testament (and using living trusts) your company will have a far greater chance of successfully passing to your heirs or co-owners of your business.

Allocate your Assets

Family heirlooms, a classic Mustang, or your savings – you should decide who receives your belongings after you die, not generic state rules. The state rules may not meet your wishes and never include those not related to you. Make sure all your loved ones get the assets you want them to receive.

Support a Favorite Charity

Leaving a legacy often goes beyond your immediate family. Causes that you believe in can be supported in your Last Will and Testament too. Supporting Zion Lutheran Church and the Zion Foundation are great ways to give back and be sure that your assets are used for a good cause.

Make it Easier for your Heirs

Losing a loved one is incredibly hard. There is no need for haggling between family members and more dealings with lawyers and judges than absolutely necessary. Creating a will keeps your loved ones from needing to fight bureaucracy in a time of sadness.