Redeemer Summer Camp Volunteers

Redeemer Day Camp

Redeemer Center for Life and Redeemer Lutheran Church, Zion’s partner congregation in North Minneapolis, offered five weeks of summer camp experiences at Redeemer for children who had completed kindergarten through sixth grade.
Deb and Rick Johnson and Marion and Lew Hille answered Redeemer’s request for partner churches to help serve lunches and spend reading time with the children during camp. They spent July 21 at Redeemer with over 35 children and youth interns. Thrivent Financial provided $250 in food products to help with the summer programs through the Thrivent Action Grant program.

We had a great time at Cub picking out the food. Our cart was overflowing and we even needed a second cart. We really appreciated Thrivent providing the funds to help support the program. Deb Johnson

The Johnsons and Hilles brought the food to Redeemer, joined the children and interns for songs and games, then walked with the children to the Harrison Community Outdoor Pool.

After returning to Redeemer we helped serve the lunches, and then we sat with the children and talked as we all ate together. We never felt like strangers. I enjoyed this time with the children. Rick Johnson

Then everyone walked over to a place called the Living Room across the street from Redeemer. This was reading time for the children.

Redeemer is hosting a great summer camp for urban kids. They came in all ages and sizes, I had a special time reading “Too Much Talk” with Issa, a charming young lady getting ready for 2nd grade! She enjoyed reading a different book to me demonstrating her reading skills. Lew Hille

The reading time was a highlight for me. Each child could pick out the book he or she wanted and then we each could read it to them or have them read it to us, as some of the children enjoyed doing that. It was a special time for me because I was able to get to talk to and get to know the child on a one-to-one basis. The entire day was great! Marian Hille

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