Renewing Our House ~ for Worship


  • Renewing Our House Update 06.10

    Renewing Our House Update 06.10

    Update as of June 10

    1. The main floor carpet is half installed and will be completed by Friday. They won’t carpet right up to the altar area until the tile gets installed, but essentially the carpet will be completed this week.
    2. Tile for the altar area will arrive on Monday, June 14. Acoustics Associates (the installer) is juggling a number of large projects and has limited tile installers, but we are hopeful they will start laying the tile next week.
    3. Prep work of the floor in the altar area is almost complete. The time capsule hole has been prepared and some electrical and audio outlets in the floor have been moved and capped. The holes for the new communion rails have been drilled and the old ones have been abandoned and will be tiled over. Sleeves for the holes are ready for pick up and will be installed early next week.
    4. Shane Dryerson, the professional painter, has about two days left on the Sanctuary window and door trim, and will finish that area early next week. Joel has been painting the walls of the Narthex and is about half done. The plan is to reinstall hardware (coat racks, door handles, etc) for the Sanctuary area on Wednesday, June 23 to give the paint a long cure time.
    5. Upholstery will be a long time in coming. The fabric hasn’t even been made yet and the manufacturer is having a hard time getting the chemicals needed to make the fabric. The pews will be installed with the old green seats starting on Tuesday, June 15 at 7pm. Volunteers are needed. It may be quite some time before the old pew seats can be changed out with the new ones.

    The time capsule was packed on Wednesday and will be entombed under the floor behind the altar.


  • Renewing Our House Update 06.03

    As of Wednesday, June 3:

    The carpet and tile manufacturers are still unable to give us a confident estimate of when their product will ship. We are now planning on the Sanctuary being unavailable for the entire month of June. Until the carpet and tile are actually on site, any estimate of when the project will be completed is just a guess.

    1. Because of the delays in carpet and tile and the good weather this week, the painter is working on some of his other outside jobs. The north wall is complete and he has about two days left on the Sanctuary window and door trim. The narthex has been prepped, and painting by Joel and volunteers on the narthex walls has started. The library, office area, and old entrance doors still need to be painted.
    2. The new holes for the communion rails have been drilled and the old mounts have been filled and leveled. Wood for the construction of the rails will be picked up today and the metal parts are being manufactured by Izza Manufacturing and should be completed in the next few weeks.
    3. The last day to submit items for the time capsule is Sunday, June 6. The time capsule will be entombed on Wednesday, June 9, at noon. Please attend if you are interested.
    4. Gunder Church Furniture will pick up the chairs on Monday, June 7. Gunder will be manufacturing new communion kneelers as soon as we give them the final specifications early next week. They are still waiting on the upholstery material to be delivered and they have no estimate as to when that will be. We will install the pews with the old upholstery and those will remain in place until we get the new pew seats completed.
    5. Mounts for the new live streaming cameras are complete and will be mounted next week. The cabinet for housing equipment is complete and ready to be installed once the carpet is laid. Thanks to Kevin Berquist and Dave Wright for making the cabinet.

  • Renewing Our House Update 05.26

    As of Wednesday, May 26:

    1. The carpet for the choir area will be finished in the next day or two, but they also have to carpet the wood platforms. The bad news is the main carpet did NOT ship last week as promised. The manufacturer said they would ship it this week, but I’m not holding my breath. This will probably push the completion time to the right.
    2. We were told the tile for the altar will ship this week and if so, we will start laying the tile in the altar starting next week. We’ll know for sure when we actually get the tile.
    3. Painting is going well. Shane started on the door and window trim. We decided to go with a latex based acrylic. It is a much better finish than oil based paint. Once the window and door trims are done we will start reinstalling the hardware but we want to give the paint a good time to dry.
    4. We are going to be painting more in the narthex area than originally planned. Look for volunteer hours and times coming out soon.
    5. The upholstery for the pew seats is on back order and Gunder Furniture does not know when they will receive it. They also are having problems getting padding. We will reinstall the pews when the Sanctuary is ready, but we may have green pew seats for quite some time this summer.

    Photos of work in progress


    Time Capsule

    As part of the Renewing Our House ~ For Worship sanctuary project, we will be adding a time capsule under the altar area for future generations to find. As part of that time capsule, we’d like to include include recollections, thoughts, and hopes from the congregation. 

    *All submissions due by Sunday, June 6*

    • Photos of messages written on the floor under the carpet will be included
    • Submit one page of writing and/or drawing to the church office by Sunday, June 6 (if you are not sure what to include, consider printing a page from one of the many templates available at
    • Submit your recollections, thoughts, and hopes through the webform below to be printed and included.

    Electronic Submission Form

  • Renewing Our House Update 05.19

    Renewing Our House Update 05.19

    As of Wednesday, May 19:

    1. All of the carpet is removed and came off a lot easier than expected. The carpet for the choir area is at church, but the carpet for most of the Sanctuary will ship this Friday and arrive Monday. The carpet installers will be back Monday for final prep, and will start laying Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
      1.a Tile for the altar area is delayed. We are hopeful that it will be shipped in the next week or two, but we are unable to get an exact shipping date at this time.
    2. Painting on the north wall is going well. The lighter gray has been completed and the painter started on the darker gray today. He is on schedule to be done with the north wall this week and then will start on the door and window trim.
    3. Prep of the door and window trim is complete. All of the Sanctuary, office area, entrance area, library, Fellowship Hall and hall entrance doors are prepped and ready to be painted.
    4. There is one two foot square piece of concrete flooring that has to be removed and re-poured. Also, a few pew anchor holes have to be repaired. We are also going to remove the floor heater located in the altar area and fill in and tile over that area.
    5. The live streaming equipment install is going well. The microphones over the congregation seating area have been installed as well as the conduit in the concrete floor under the new living streaming console area is almost done.
    6. Communion rail final design and install plan will be complete this Friday and we will be able to start making the communion rails next week.

    Photos of work in progress