Lent and Easter

Maundy Thursday noon, 5pm & 6:30pm

Good Friday 5pm & 7pm

Easter Sunday

7am ~ 8:30am ~ 9:45am

10:30am ~10:45am

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  • A Second Chance

    Pastor TedWhat does Easter Sunday mean to you?  To some it means the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs. To others Easter is an obligation to go to church when they visit their families. For others it is a day of food and celebration. For Peter, the disciple of Jesus, Easter meant a second chance. Before that first Easter morning, in the Upper Room while celebrating a last supper with the other disciples and Jesus, Peter had insisted that he would never deny Christ. In the events that followed, from what we call Good Friday to Easter, Peter not only denied the Lord, but he denied Him three times.   In the courtyard of the high priest, as Peter watched from a short distance, Jesus looked at Peter. It was then Peter realized what he had done and then he went out and wept bitterly. What do you suppose Peter saw in Jesus eyes?  Was it scorn and rejection? Was it an “I-told-you-so” look? ... more

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Easter Garden

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All Easter Sunday services include Pastor Ted’s sermon, Communion, and a children’s message.

Worship services in Trinity Hall will be ideal for families who want to try something new, those with young children, or who prefer a more open space. Trinity Hall will be an “allergy free” zone for those who can’t be in the sanctuary filled with flowers.