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Zion is a church made up of real stories ... be part of our story by sharing your story The prompts below will help you tell your story in an article for Zion's newsletter and/or website. A sentence or two for each one would be great. If you prefer, listing bullet points is also acceptable ... and if you have lots more to say, feel free 🙂 All questions are optional, so skip any you don't feel comfortable with. An editor will draft your answers into an article, which will be sent to you for further input or editing before publication. You may also be contacted about having a photo taken to accompany the article.
  • So we can follow up with you as your story is edited
  • About Yourself

  • Do you have a significant other? Kids? Parents or extended family who are also local or involved at Zion who others may know?
  • Do you have an interesting job? Do you work locally? Do you own your own business?
  • Think about both interests that you might have in common with others, and the things that make you unique
  • Are you involved with other community organizations like Rotary / Chamber / Library? Do you volunteer with sports / schools / scouts etc.? Why are those organizations important to you?
  • About Your Faith

  • Have you been at Zion 'forever'? Have you been active in other local or Lutheran congregations others might be familiar with? Did you grow up in a faith that might be unfamiliar to others?
  • A former teacher or pastor? A family member? A public figure? A peer?
  • A friend? Neighbor? Child? Maybe even someone you've met at Zion?
  • Why that one? What does it mean to you?
  • In what way? What did you learn?
  • About Zion

  • What stands out about your first visit? What made you come back? Why are you still here today?
  • If a new neighbor asked you about Zion, what would you tell them?
  • What changes would you like to see in the future?
  • Your Ministry Story

  • This is a great way to let more people know about and put a face to the ministries that are important to you. It might be a traditional ministry (education, fellowship, committee, music), mission project, or event. Or it might be your personal ministry of caring, connecting, serving, worshiping, etc.
  • Did someone invite you? Is it a ministry you had been involved with at another congregation? Did you see an opportunity to learn something, meet people, or make a difference?
  • What does it do for you? What does it do for others? Who are you able to serve? Who are you able to connect with?How does it help us Connect with Care, Celebrate on Sundays, and Live God's Call?
  • Why would you encourage others to get involved?
  • Do you have an interesting story to share? Where do you see God's presence? Perhaps include some little-know trivia or history of the ministry or answer some frequently asked questions.
  • Really ... anything else 🙂
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Sharing is Outreach
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