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  • Interviewing Candidates

    Interviewing Candidates The Call Committee is working on step 5 of the process of calling a Pastor of Congregational Life for Zion, conducting first round interviews of candidates.  At this time, the Call Committee keeps all names of pastoral candidates are confidential. Watch for further updates and please contact a member of the call committee if you have any questions regarding the call process. more

The Process

Before the Call process began, a Staffing Task Force was formed in 2018 and identified possible staffing options. The Church Council discussed the options and recommended that a full-time Pastor of Congregational Life be called for a term of three years. At the December 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting, the congregation voted to begin a call process for a Pastor of Congregational Life. The Church Council appointed a Call Committee in January 2019

Once the Call Committee was formed they were able to start working through the process.

  1. Update the Ministry Site Profile. This document is basically a sales pitch to prospective pastors. It highlights all the wonderful programming Zion has to offer.
  2. Ask the congregation what they would like to see in the new Pastor of Congregational Life. Have them fill out a survey, compile the results, and add that important information to the Ministry Site Profile.
  3. Send the Ministry Site Profile to the Minneapolis Area Synod. It will take the synod at least a month to compile a list of possible pastoral candidates. Ask the congregation for candidate suggestions as well.
  4. Review resumes of prospective candidates. Schedule interviews with the top five or so candidates based on resumes and recommendations from the synod and congregation
  5. Conduct interviews and discreetly visit the churches the pastors are currently serving. Listen to their sermons and observe how they interact with their parish.
  6. Narrow choices down to two or three possible associate pastors based on interviews, home church visits and background checks. Schedule second interviews.
  7. Conduct second interviews. Choose the person the call committee feels will best serve the needs of our congregation and complement / work well with Pastor Ted and Pastor Suzi.
  8. Schedule a congregational meeting. The congregation will be given a three week notice prior to the meeting where they will vote on whether or not to call the Pastor of Congregational Life chosen by the Call Committee
  9. If the congregation votes “yes” then Zion will “call” that person to serve at Zion. They have four weeks to accept or reject the call
  10. The new Pastor of Congregational Life accepts the call and comes to Zion to begin ministry with Pastor Ted and Pastor Suzi.

Committee Members

The voting members of the Committee are: Pam Danielson, Dawn Fischer, Nancy Johnson, Tim Lemmerman, Wes Mahlberg, Kia Prell, and Kelly & Doug Schmidt (shared vote).

The alternate members of the Committee are Al Pecarina (1st), Amy Intrieri (2nd), Duane Rolstad (3rd), and Mike Smith (4th).