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Trevor lives just outside Buffalo on the family farm, next door to his grandparents. His parents are Kirk and Angela, and he has two sisters, Emily and Karin. Trevor is a Secondary Education student at the University of Minnesota Duluth, working at Zion Day Camp while he is home for the summer.

Zion has always been Trevor’s home church. He was baptized at Zion and his parents, Kirk and Angela, were married at Zion.

My family’s photo albums and my own memory are filled with images and stories of Zion. All my childhood I was a Zion kid, and when my mom started working for the church, I went from being at church to nearly living in the church. Going to church nearly every Sunday with my family, I found a lot of joy in the music throughout the service. I enjoyed being in the kids’ choirs and playing in the handbell choir, as well as being in Christmas programs.

Whether it was other staff kids, ZDC friends, Sunday school classmates, or youth group pals I always had a lot of fun with the friends I had through church. I can’t remember having more fun at church than the time I spent on mission trips in South Dakota, Indianapolis, and especially in Detroit for the ELCA Youth Gathering.

Zion Day Camp was always a part of Trevor’s childhood summer, but it wasn’t until college that he considered returning to ZDC as a counselor. His education program required working with children or youth, which he earned by working at ZDC, and he enjoyed that so much that he returned to the ZDC staff again this summer.

Last year was my first summer and it was a blast coming in and working with the kids, if you can even call it work. Each day you get to wake up and look forward to making the day that much more memorable for a whole group of kids.

Days at ZDC are packed day from 6:30am to 6pm. Kids can come in early and hang out with friends or catch up on some Z’s before breakfast is served for those who need a bite to eat. Throughout the rest of the morning the kids have the chance to play in Trinity Hall, outside, and on the playground. There are also several rooms inside to choose from, including a craft room, game room, and other rooms that are full of different toys. After lunch and some outside time, kids rest a little and are able to take a nap and/or read some books. After a short Bible story and devotion, we have a creative snack and the rest of the afternoon is usually free time to enjoy a variety of fun options before mom and dad come to pick them up.

Besides his studies, Trevor enjoys plenty of time with friends exploring Duluth, listening to music, and reading books that aren’t textbooks.

Being the people person that I am, it’s awesome to see God at work every day in people from all walks of life. Whether it be at home with my family, around Buffalo, or up in Duluth, it’s wonderful to see God working through people to bring a little happiness to others.

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