My hobby has been great for Vernon and me. I do the dolls and he makes sleds and benches for them.

Scandinavian Carving

Arden and Vernon lived in Thief River Falls, MN, for most of their lives, where they attended Trinity Lutheran Church.

Arden’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 46:10:

Be still and know that I am God.

If I am anxious about some issue, I read this and I know God is in charge! Thanks be to God!

She was a nursing home administrator, and enjoyed working with seniors.

When I retired, I started a lay visitation and senior outreach program at Trinity in Thief River Falls. I think I learned true devotion to God and family while working with seniors and others in nursing homes. They had their priorities on important things like health, friends & family, and God.

Arden and Vernon moved to Buffalo two years ago, to be nearer to their children and grandchildren in Maple Grove, Waconia, and Litchfield.

We like Buffalo and our living arrangement here. We attend many Buffalo events. We chose to live in the downtown area because I dislike driving and there is always much going on downtown.

They joined Zion at that time, Arden was invited to a ‘circle’ Bible study, and soon got involved with women’s ministry.

I have made friends with some great women here.

Arden now spends much of her time making nisse figurines which she sells at craft fairs. Modern day nisse (or tomte) are figures of mischievous Scandinavian elves that might live in your attic or barn and are said to bring good fortune to your home or farm if you provide a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve.

I was taught to make Scandinavian nisse by a 93-year-old woman at our church in Thief River Falls. My hobby has been great for Vernon and me. I do the dolls and he makes sleds and benches for them. It has just been a blessing for both of us.

Arden enjoys hunting in the many Buffalo consignment stores for nisse accessories. Last December she spoke and displayed some of them at Zion’s annual Santa Lucia Supper.