School of Hope Library FAQ

Nora Jones at the School of Hope Library

How many people use it daily?

It is used every day by 45 teachers and 650 students. During the college classes it is the work place for the students from the time classes end at 3:30 pm until 9pm. It is also kept open during the weekends of the college semesters, three weeks in April, August, and December. The first class of 19 college students was held in August of 2018.

Besides using books, how else is the library used?

There are about 12 computers and they are hooked up to the internet. It is the only place around where teachers and college students can access the internet.

How many workers does it take to run the library?

There is a librarian on staff and Vernon Caldwell, from New York, is the Vice-Chancellor for the college and has his office there. Vernon is very involved in overseeing the library.

Approximately how many books are there?

Over three thousand.

Is there a story hour?

Grades 1-4 are coming into the library and Nora Jones, a retired school Principal from Maryland, is reading to them.

What days and times is it open?

It is open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. When the college is in session during three weeks in April, August, and December it is open until 9 pm.

What is the perspective of people towards the library?

People in Zambia do not know the value of a library since no one has ever had one to use.

Nora Jones is talking to students and teachers about what a person can do in a library and how to conduct oneself in a library.

Students and teachers of the School of Hope love going to the library. It is a quiet place to study and they can get new information. With Nora (pictured, left) introducing the reading and library activity to young ones and teachers, the goal is that they will develop a group of students who know how to use and enjoy a library.

All who enter the building are in awe of what they see – both visiting teams from the US, Zambian educators, and individuals who have come to see the School of Hope.

What is Zion’s perspective on the library?

What are your thoughts about the library and it’s impact on the people of the Village of Hope, School of Hope and other Zambians who have the opportunity to use it?

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