To me, it's easy to see God at work when you're teaching kids.

Seeing God at Work

Jenny grew up in Buffalo, attending worship, Sunday school, and confirmation at Zion, then located in town (now the Assembly of God Church).

Sunday school was held in the basement of the church. My fondest memory of attending Sunday school was participating in the Christmas Program. I’m pretty sure the program was directed by the Joy Choir Directors at the time, Julie Swaggert and Minda Squadroni.

She moved away after graduating high school, and returned to Buffalo, and to Zion, when her children were young.

I knew Zion would be a great place to raise my family. Many things have changed, and yet some remain the same. Zion feels like home to me and my kids! Some of the best people we know, we have met at Zion.

Jenny taught Sunday school for many years when her children were young. She has also served as a confirmation guide, volunteer with youth ministries, is a member of the Joyful Ringers handbell choir, is involved with Harvest of Hands, and is part of the baked potato team for Wednesday Night Suppers.

Her son, Nick, now lives and works in Minneapolis. Twin daughters, Sam and Caley are currently completing their senior year at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, MN.

Caley’s major is Elementary Education and she will be applying for a teaching position next semester. Sam’s major is Athletic Training, and she is interested in becoming a physical therapist. There have been many people who have affected my faith, but the most instrumental have been my daughters. They are both so strong in their faith, and truly live out their faith by their actions.

Jenny returned to teaching Sunday school after the girls left for college.

I have always enjoyed working with kids and the youth at Zion. I currently teach 4th grade at the 10:30 service. I really love kids, but to be honest, the reason I am teaching at this point in my life is because of the Sunday school staff. Kristen, Kirsten and Marsha are absolutely amazing. Zion is truly blessed to have this group of women working for them! They each offer something different, and genuinely love these kids, as well as what they do. To me, it’s easy to see God at work when you’re teaching kids.

Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

It’s so easy to get caught up in “life” and what society says is important. This verse reminds me to keep my focus on God. That is where true happiness comes from.

Jenny has a degree Social Work and works with the Wright County Attorney’s Office as the Victim Assistance Coordinator.

I help crime victims in Wright County by providing resources and support, and explaining the court process. I love my job, and have worked in this position for over twelve years.

She likes spending time outdoors (when it’s warm), going for walks, biking, and spending time with friends and family. She loves to read and has been part of a book club for over 5 years. She hopes to travel more in the future.