Seeking Wisdom

When Sam Monson was 20 years old, he entered the United States Air Force, attended several tech schools, and was assigned to the 6972nd Supron, better known as the Security Service Branch. He was stationed in Japan for two years, and then assigned to the National Security Agency, where all work was either secret or top secret.

After service, Sam attended the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota, majoring in accounting and finance with a minor in speech.

Speech was important to me because I needed to overcome my stuttering. I decided to face my problem head on to conquer it, which I did.

Sam moved to Florida and worked as regional VP for Savings of America. He also pursued an interest was in flying, obtaining his pilots license and then his instructors license for pilot training, and flying for the Florida Civil Air Patrol as a Captain and a Mission Pilot.

Upon returning to Minnesota, Sam became involved with banking, savings and loan, real estate and mortgages, and became owner and broker of a real estate and mortgage company.

Sam and Lois moved to Buffalo in 2001, and built a home next to the 10th fairway at Wild Marsh Golf course, where they still live. Sam enjoys both golfing and watching the other golfers. He also enjoys woodworking, building furniture, exercising, playing with his Cavalier King Charles pup, yard work, and spending time with his family. Sam and Lois have three children each, ten grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

They visited many of the churches in Buffalo, and found Zion to be warm and welcoming.

I was new and didn’t know anyone … Sherilyn to the rescue! She got me involved as a lector, communion server, and in many other ministries at Zion.

In 2004, Pastor Folkerds invited Sam to lead a weekly Bible study group of retired men.

We called our group the “Men of Wisdom,” and later changed the name to “Men Seeking Wisdom.” We are still going strong after ten years of study. I would encourage everyone to become a part of a small group bible study or form one or get involved in the great bible studies that are offered at Zion. It will increase your faith and knowledge of the bible, as it has mine.

Sam also serves communion to homebound members.

Sam and Lois like to vacation during the months of January and February. They spent many winters in Maui, and then started going to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

During one of our trips there I spent 11 days in ICU with a bacterial chest infection. When I was healed and discharged the doctor said “Congratulations, you lived, I didn’t think you would.” After this illness my faith has greatly increased.

Sam has been retired now for six years and says he is enjoying every minute of it.

God has given me many opportunities and has enriched my life with numerous adventures. I thank him daily for my many blessings.