Sharing Time, Talent, and Finances

Dawn Schmidt grew up in St. Michael. She married Dave, a life member of Zion, in 1989.

We were married in the St. Michael Catholic Church by both Father Denny and Pastor John Folkerds, which was unique and a little unheard of. Dave and I decided to raise our children [with] one religion and attend church together as a family. I joined Zion before our first child, Danielle, was born. I am very thankful for my church family here at Zion. I always feel welcomed.

They now have five children, daughters Danielle (22), Nicolette (18), and Maria (17), and sons are Beau (20) and Ben (14).

Dawn worked at Prudential Insurance Company for 9 years before she quit work to stay home and raise their children. As the children got older, Dawn started cleaning homes and commercial buildings.

Cleaning homes allows me to pick my own days and hours I want to work. There is one down side, my house suffers.

Dawn enjoys playing cards and board games with family, particularly rummy and euchre, reading a great book, vacationing and travel, and spending time with family and friends.

Dawn has been involved in Zion’s ministries in many ways including teaching Sunday school for many years, serving as a confirmation guide with several of her children, delivering Meals on Wheels, and serving communion both in worship and to homebound members.

Dave and I enjoy our visits and have made some friendships.

The Schmidt family’s stewardship habits include supporting Zion with their time, talents, and finances, and they believe Zion is trustworthy and faithful with their gifts. But,

Dawn never intended to get involved with the Stewardship Committee.

Pastor Luke approached me two separate times and asked me if I had received a phone call yet. Both times I said, “no, why, what’s it about.” All he said to me was “Pray about it.” So I did. I prayed about a phone call which I would be receiving soon and knew nothing about. A couple days later, my phone rang and yes, it was the call Pastor Luke had been talking about: a Zion member calling me to ask me to join the Stewardship Committee, a committee I never imagined I’d be involved with. Who wants to ask people for money, definitely not me. I didn’t immediately say yes. I wanted a few days to think it over. After much thinking and more prayer, I decided to take a leap of faith and volunteer my time.

Dawn has found that serving on the Stewardship Committee is not about asking for money, but about helping others realize we are all stewards. They meet once a month to brainstorm ideas and there is a minimal time commitment most of the year with a busy time around the fall campaign. All committee members bring ideas and talents to the campaign and Dawn finds it rewarding to see the fall campaign come together. Her favorite part of serving on the committee has become getting to know other church members and the Pastors beyond a Sunday morning “good morning.”

[The Stewardship Committee is a] great opportunity to brainstorm with other members about being stewards for Gods purpose right here at Zion. Sharing of your talents and time are great ways to give to the church. After all, ‘It All Belongs to God.’