Solveig Nelson

Solveig Nelson started working with us in June as Office Administrator; and can be found in the front office and answering the phones Monday through Thursday.

Hi, my name is Solveig Nelson (pronounced So-vay) and I am 22 years old. Recently I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Liberal Arts Associate Degree. I love writing and reading and really anything that’s a story. For example- movies, TV shows, music, books, graphic novels, videos games (still greatly obsessed with Animal Crossing), and more. I love the power of story and am currently working on my own, a romance novel that I hope to publish one day and sell on Amazon Kindle for $1.99. 🙂

I’m a big film and television fan. An easy way to get to know me better is for me to share with you some of my favorites. I absolutely love Star Wars and have since I was little when I’d lightsaber fight with my brothers and threaten to join the dark side. My other favorite movies are 27 Dresses, which I watch every year on my birthday and will one day get to the point of having watched it 27 times. I also love all the symbolism, themes, and powerful music in the animated 1999 Disney’s Tarzan. It’s one of the best Disney movies, in my opinion.

For TV shows, it’s difficult to narrow down my list of favorites. I love many animated shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, but I also watch NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt every night at 5:30. He would be the celebrity I would choose to have dinner with. I have a love for the British show Sherlock but my favorite series have to be Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale. I love ridiculous teen drama mysteries. If you ever need good show suggestions, come to me.

My favorite books are Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lost at Sea, and The Great Gatsby. And my favorite animals are koala bears, sloths, and cats! When you combine my favorites, I think it pretty well sums me up.

The biggest love in life is my cat Marshmallow. She is 5 and a bundle of fun. She loves going on walks outside, singing very loudly to get our attention, playing with my wet hair after a shower, and of course cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles! Oh! I also have a boyfriend, Preston, we’ve been together for a little over a year and a half but he knows Marshie comes first. Preston also loves cats and has Poe and Nimbus. He recently graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Math Education Degree.

I come from a big church family, with three different pastors named Josh in my extended family. Many relatives have either worked in a church, as an administrator, a children’s director, a musician, and have been pastors. My dad has been a pastor for 34 years, starting a mission church in Buffalo, Spirit of Joy. I remember growing up knowing Buffalo High School as “our church” and our basement was where confirmation was located. When I was in eighth grade, my dad accepted a new call to Family of Christ in Chanhassen, MN. It was a difficult transition, especially deciding to stay in Buffalo, but I found my way and even worked at Family of Christ a couple different summers. It’s a place I really found my faith and made many great friends and found a desire to work in a church.

(L-R Josh, Beth, Andrea, Leif, Solveig, and Bergen Nelson) 

My mother works at Discovery Elementary School and absolutely loves it. Back in high school I would go and volunteer because I love working with children. My oldest brother, Bergen, is in his third year at Luther Seminary in St. Paul and will be moving to Wenatchee, Washington for his internship year with his fiancé, Clara. Then my other brother, Leif, is in his fourth year at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and doing his internship year in Madison, Wisconsin where his wife, Andrea, is starting her first year of residency. They also just adopted a cute little kitty named Bow.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings and in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.

Proverbs 3:5-6

This was my confirmation verse when I got confirmed in 2013 at Family of Christ. My parents chose this verse for me because it was my mother’s confirmation verse and her mother’s, my grandma’s, verse before her. As someone whose life has taken many different turns and challenges, it’s helped me to know that whatever path God has me on, I will be protected and loved. So far God has put many great people to help me along my way and with every challenge it’s only made me stronger.