Angela Bengtson

Communications & Membership

I maintain the website and social media presence, keep the membership database updated, edit the newsletter and email updates, work with the Outreach Committee, look after the archives, work on posters, brochures, and mailers, and coordinate computer support. 763.682.1245 ext. 104

  • Sharing Stories

    I grew up in the Uniting Church of Australia, which was formed in 1977 by the merger of the Methodist and Presbyterian denominations. Although my parents and most of their friends weren’t church attenders, my brother and I (and most of our childhood friends) attended Sunday school every week in the former school house and the meeting hall near our small town church. Our church didn’t have a confirmation program or a youth group, but after finishing Sunday school in ... more
  • A Facebook Note

    Chatting with a group of Zion members, a post on Zion’s Facebook page came up in conversation. “I like the Zion page,” said one friend “why didn’t I see that?” She isn’t alone. Zion’s page has about 850 fans. Just over 700 of those are online in a given day but a typical post will be shown to 200-300 of those users … meaning up to 500 Facebook users who have ‘liked’ Zion’s page, aren’t seeing Zion’s posts at all. Here’s why ... more

How I came to be involved with Zion … My husband’s family has been members since the congregation was founded, so I guess I married into Zion. I got involved with Harvest of Hands, Joyful Ringers, Church Council and Sunday School. In 2001 I started working 4 hours a week in the front office; that has now become 4 days. I still play handbells, and I was part of the 150th Anniversary Committee.

I was born … far, far away in Tasmania, Australia

My family … Kirk and I were married at Zion in 1991 and have three children; Emily, Trevor and Karin. We live on the family dairy farm just a couple of miles from Zion.

When I’m not at Zion, you can find me … Gardening, baking, crafting.

On living in Buffalo, Minnesota … I still think it is really cold here in the winter, but I can not imagine living anywhere else.

Something you might not know about me is … My four years of school after 12th grade didn’t add up to any kind of degree and included a year as a Rotary Exchange Student (here in Buffalo), and an odd assortment of college and other classes including architecture, bartending & waitressing, general studies, farm management, and medical secretary (in Australia and at Willmar Tech).

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