Dave Hoadley

Interim Pastor

Pastor Dave’s ministry is focused on pastoral care and visitation. He also helps lead worship.

pastordave@zionbuffalo.org 763-682-1245 ext. 107

  • Interim Pastoral Care

    Why am I Here? That question can come from a desire for introspection: What is my purpose in life? It can come from annoyance: Why am I stuck in this work meeting that has nothing to do with my position? Or it can come from an opportunity to explain why you do what you do: I’m here because there are needs that need to be met. Why Is Pastor Dave Serving as an Interim Pastor at Zion? The answer to that question is complex, but at its base, the ... more
  • You Watch Your Phraseology!

    The Music Man in Buffalo We will all be watching Pastor Dave’s phraseology as he becomes Mayor Shinn in the summer Buffalo Community Theater performances of The Music Man in late July at the PAC, Buffalo High School. “The Music Man” by Meredith Willson tells the tale of con man Harold Hill, who comes to town under the guise of organizing a band, selling instruments and uniforms, and teaching kids to play. However, Harold is not actually a musician or ... more

Started working at Zion in… 2019

Favorite thing about working at Zion…  the vibrancy of the congregation

Favorite Bible character… David, obviously because we share a name, but also because he is one of the many that prove God can and has used very flawed people in amazing ways.

My family … Wife Cathy; step-son Noah; step-daughter Ana (“Don’t call me Anna”); three cats: Bo, Rosie and Kiko

When I’m not at Zion, you can find me… at home or driving school bus for activities

Something you might not know about me is…  I enjoy community theatre and Wright County Chamber Chorale

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