Jill Davis

Visitation Minister

Visitation Ministry is about connecting with those members who can’t worship with us on a regular basis due to various reasons and supporting members who are facing transitions.

Jill@ZionBuffalo.org 763.682.1245 ext. 110
  • Expectations

    It was sometime in October when that first bolt of “Christmas is coming” flashed across my mind. Nothing unusual, considering Hobby Lobby and Menards put the season on our visual radar this year with their holiday displays right alongside the pumpkins and cornucopia. Not too surprising, since Christmas countdowns have been heard on radio stations when we were still three digits out.  What caught me off guard, though, was how the thought of Christmastime triggered the acknowledgement that this is not ... more
  • Gifts Among Us

    There are experiences in life that come along every once in a rare while. When they happen they’re usually not planned and quite often are orchestrated out of randomness. The duration of the actual event may be fleeting but the impact lingers for days. Sitting with your memories, recounting what transpired before your eyes, hearing how others were affected in that same space, the richness only grows. On a recent ordinary Sunday at Zion, such a happening took place. While many ... more
  • Visitation Vision

    Heading into the third and final year of my three year commitment to do pastoral care as a volunteer visitation minister with you at Zion, I feel the need to share what I’ve experienced so far and my hopes for the future. First of all I’d really like to thank those of you who have been a part of the Congregational Care Team to date.  With your help and compassion we are able to bring communion monthly and visit with about ... more
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