Kirsten Kelly

Children & Family Ministries

I work with children and families from birth to 5th grade. Our two biggest ministries are Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. The CFM Team works together to coordinate special faith formation events. 763.682.1245 ext. 122

In my role at Zion, I have the pleasure of working with the children and families from birth to 5th grade. Our two biggest ministries are Sunday School (Sept – May) and Vacation Bible School (the first week after school is out). As a team, our staff also works to coordinate special faith formation events such as First Communion Instruction, Christmas Program, Stay & Play, Trunk or Treat, Anniversary of Baptism, Grow in Faith Events, Summer Stretch, Homecoming Sunday Festival and Splash Newsletters. Our goal is to help students grow in faith and have healthy, Christian relationships so that they have a strong foundation and a place to feel safe and known.

Assisted by Shannon Carter & Kristin Lotthammer

  • Thank You Kirsten

    During the month of July, Zion will say thank you and goodbye to our Director of Children and Family Ministries , Kirsten Kelly. We are going to miss Kirsten’s leadership in children’s ministry at Zion. So much good ministry has happened in the last 5+ years with her as Zion’s Director of Children and Family Ministries. She helped us build on the great ministry we had and moved us to new heights. She has been an example of Christ’s love ... more
  • Kirsten’s Transition

    Dear Zion Families, It is with a heavy heart that I share with you my decision to resign from my position as Director of Children and Family Ministries at Zion Lutheran Church, effective July 26. I say a “heavy heart” because I love your children and all of the families at Zion and did not want to leave. In order to work in congregational ministry, one must truly feel a calling. It is not a job that you accept lightly or take ... more
  • Faith Grows at Home

    Last night as we were getting ready for bed, we decided to say our nighttime prayers as a family instead of individually with each boy. So we gathered on mom and dad’s bed and as we said the Lord’s Prayer, Andrew (only three days old), who was lying in the middle of the bed between all of us, became incredibly still and quiet and his eyes got huge. After the prayer, Dave said it’s like he knew the prayer. Both of ... more
  • Time Off With Baby

    After Kirsten and Dave’s new baby boy arrives, Kirsten will be taking some time away (approximately 12 weeks, unpaid) to be with her new family of 5. During this leave, Kirsten will not be checking email or working on any Zion projects. Their summer plans include doing some camping trips and getting to know their newest miracle. Kirsten will miss all of the incredible children and families, especially during the week/s of Vacation Bible School! While she is out, Kirsten’s ... more

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